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Jan 16, 2007 07:38 PM


During the winter months, I am one to have a few drams of some form of whiskey from time to time, usually Irish, Single Malt or Cask Strength Scotch. Sometimes, my hand will find its way to a glass with a little rye or bourbon.

But, I find that whiskey does not often agree with the warmer months. It can seem very much to me like drinking eggnog around the barbecue in July. It's very seasonal. So, in the summer months, I switch to Rum, which can probably be blamed on a few years of sailing and some desire to act like the pirate I have wished I could have been. And rum lover that I am, I have watched for threads and rarely seen rum discussed on these boards.

So, what rums are your favorite rums and how do you like to drink them?

I find few rums worthy of being sipped slowly like a fine whiskey, and that is probably for lack of availablity. The best rums should be placed into a glass with little if anything else. the ones I have that get treated this way, usually get a very small amount of ice, and include: Barbancourt, Ron Zacapa Centario, Ron Barrelito, some bottles of Mount Gay, and maybe a few others. I might drink some, such as Appletons, Cockspur, Mount Gay Eclipse, and others, with either a bunch of ice or mixed with either ginger ale or tonic and a squeeze or lime or lemon. I am not a rum and coke drinker, and if you ask for one in my place, there is an unopened jug of some no-name there for your consumption. To me the idea of drowning the flavors of Barbancourt or others in coke is like smothering a good steak in ketchup.

So, please, what rums do you like, how do you like to drink them, and what rums do you want to try?

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  1. I really like the Zacapa 23 year, Pussars, Pyrat Pistol and XO Reserve which are in the sweeter style of rums.

    In the dryer style I like everything by Rhum Clement and Rhum JM both from Martinique.

    I like to drink good aged rum in a snifter or on the rocks, it is sacrilege to mix a fine rum with anything. Save the mixers for the low end stuff.

    In a few weeks I will be doing a huge review of aged rums that I have been tasting over the past six weeks at

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      Rhum Clement is very good and very much drinkable on its own.

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        Since, I see you are a fellow NY area resident, where do you find the Rhum Clement and Rhum JM in thia area? I've seen the others you mention, but not the ones from Martinque. I have the same question for MOREKASHA about the Port Morant rum, which I have not seen.

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          Well I'll tell you one that you can't get in Gotham City Cap and be damn well glad of it. Only sold in Vt., N.H. & Me. and there's a movement afoot to eliminate it there, as well. The rot gut with the onomatepedic name from Newfoundland;

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            Astor Wines and Spirits at 399 Lafayette at 4th st. is the only place that carries Clement it as far as I know, and just the Shrubb Liqueur, VSOP, and Premiere White. They don't have the two ultra, ultra premium rums from Clement yet because they haven't been released in the US yet, but will be in a few weeks. JM rhum isn't widely available yet either, but Astor will have them as soon as they are.

            They also have many other good rums. I just got Diplimatico Reserva Exclusiva and one of my favorites, St. Teresa 1796 there the other day, two great Venezuelan rums.

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              I've gotten my Port Morant outside of NYC. A great liquor store in Van Nuys, CA and @ Sam's in Chicago (who do mail order!). I have never seen it in NY. The collection is Classic Rums out of England and they have quite a selection. They do for rum what folks like Cadenhead and other small bottlers do for scotch.

          2. I love the Classic Rum Brands from Demerara, Port Morant (Guyana) 10 year old. Neat in a rocks glass. I've tried the Classic Rum, Demerara, Versailles (French Oak Finish, 15 years, but it's not to my liking.

            1. El Dorado 15 yr, neat.

              1. Flor de Cana 12 year and Goslings Old Rum.

                1. My two favorites are Matsulem Gran Reserva & Anniversario, both are great spiced rums.