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Jan 16, 2007 07:29 PM

Need some GOOD Cheap Eats in DC

We are a party of 7 coming to DC for a weekend- and we wanted a reasonable restaurant for dinner...

ALL ethnicities are fine---

Wanted to stay in the $15 pp area IF that is possible...?????

Hurry- I need to make reservations for 7 ASAP....

Thanks a lot!

PS DO NOT WANT HAYES BARTON AREA---2 of the couples nixxed that area...

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  1. 2 Amy's is a great choice for large groups, and I think you can make reservations for parties greater than 6.

    1. I find the best values in DC are usually for Asian or Indian food. I'm a big fan of a relatively new Indian place in Arlington, near Clarendon metro called Tandoori NIghts. The interior and atmosphere are chic, the food is excellent, and the prices very reasonable. Service also good.

      2 Amy's is a good suggestion; a similar option, again in the Clarendon area, is a pizza place called Faccia Luna. Very good pizza and salads.

      If you're coming in from out of town, staying in DC, the most unique DC experiences would be in Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan. I'm not an expert on those areas but there should be plenty of good options. One that does come to mind, near Dupont, is Cafe Luna - well known to locals as an excellent source of standard american fare.

      1. My wife and I just got back from a weekend trip of cheap eats. I'd recommend for a group of 7 Etete for Ethiopian food. We spent right around $30 plus tip and had more food than we could finish. The neighborhood seems a little sketchy but it wasn't a problem. It's a very nice clean restaurant inside. We got the vegetarian platter (add the fish!) and derek tibs. Definitely get the veg. platter with fish but I wouldn't order the derek tibs again. They were good, just not great.

        We also went to Teasism for breakfast/brunch though a group of 7 might be a tight squeenze. We had a ginger scone and Cilantro Scrambled Eggs with Naan and Tea Cured Salmon. $16 here for the two of us for a light breakfast.

        Tortilla Cafe near Eastern Market was fun. Good food at great prices. Definitely get papusas.

        1. 2 Amy's is def. a good bet. Had some friends from out of town and 6 of us went there. We got three pizzas and a few appetizers, a bottle of wine, and I think 3 beers, and was $120 for all of it. Not sure about reservations tho. We walked in and lucked out.

          Tho this is a chain, Penang (Malaysian) is very good. It's in the Dupont area...M & 19th I think. Probably a pretty easy bet in terms of reservations for a large party.

          Bistro Du Coin (French) is also a very nice place to go. Its very bright and casual (and could get loud - just to warn you). They have casual fair like Steak and Fries, and their Mussels are very good. It *might* be a little more than $15 per person, but it is def. very unique. *Might* be hard to get reservations...its not a very big place.

          Cafe Asia in Midtown is also a very trendy unique spot. There is also a cafe asia in Rosslyn, Arlington. You can get anything from Chinese food, to Thai dishes, to Sushi. All very good, and their specialty drinks are also quite tasty.

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            Two great ideas here. Bistro (btw Dupont and A-M, right?) feels like it's been transplanted from the Champs and dropped right into DC. It has a rustic feel to it and a lot of character and is loud, maybe because the floors are ceramic tile, the walls uncovered, and there are few interior partitions. Neat place.

            Cafe Asia is a DC classic. You can't beat it for quality, value, and svelte asians dressed in black with headsets. As I recall they have a pretty good happy hour with sushi and drink specials. Entrees $9-12.

          2. I think Ethiopian is always a good bet, as it's fairly unique to DC, cheap (can definately dine for the $15 PP area, and a lot of fun. Etete on 9th Street is the consensus #1. Dukem is big and popular too, and I also like Madjet. I have no idea what the Hayes Barton area of DC is, and had to google it. Seems that it's in Raleigh, NC? I could see confusing those words for Hayes Barton for Adams Morgan. Am I correct?

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              LOL- you are correct- I meant Adams Morgan area--Having a senior moment!