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Jan 16, 2007 06:50 PM

has anyone been to lobo lately?????

I did not enjoy the first time I tried lobo, the food was not what I expected and the service was slow .I always like to give a place another try , I think its good to try and support our neighborhood places. A freind explained that there is a big difference between TEX-MEX and MEXICAN.I was very surprised to see how much better it has got. The staff are new and the food was really good. They lowered the price of their margaritas ,which I thought were good the first time ( but were too expensive).I was wondering if anyone else has been and noticed the improvment.

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  1. were you expecting mex or tex-mex?

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        1. re: chow_gal

          lol lobo should never be considered mer OR tex mex. blech!

        2. I swing by there on occasion to get a tex-mex fix, considering the options are so limited in the area. Good to know they lowered their margarita prices. And the last time I was there only one person was working the floor (upstairs/downstairs/bar) which meant for a looong wait.

          1. Sam, any idea when these improvements happened?

            I went to the Court St location in September when I was craving TexMex and it was AWFUL. The food was bland, greasy and practically inedible. The service was lackadaisical and careless, and the margaritas were watered down. And just to top it all off, there were two screaming kids jumping up and down on the furniture at the table next to us.

            It's definitely the worst I've had in the Cobble Hill area, and unless they've made vast improvements, I'd say it ain't worth it.

            1. I went to brunch at lobo a few weeks ago. Haven't been there since they opened. The food was very mediocre and the waiters all would rather sing beatles songs than do their job. This is definitely not worth anyone's time.

              1. was a tough break up for me and Lobo.

                I go back there now and then when I need a cheap Tex Mex fix. Lately, however, I've had 3 crappy experiences in a row so I think me and Lobo are over. The food went from "good" and "simple" with -killer- margaraitas and fresh salsa to mediocre to just frickin' awful.
                They -did- lower the marg prices but they also raised many menu prices. It evens out on making a liviong in the restaurant biz I guess.

                By the way, to whoever posted. The margs there -used- to be -worth- the high price because they were really good and got you ~knockered~. They were strong. Sure, now the price is less but they are not as strong, or as good.

                Service is on and off for me.