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Jan 16, 2007 06:31 PM

Going to Atlanta

I am going to Atlanta on business next week. Any suggestions for myself as well as entertaining clients?

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  1. Restaurant Eugene, Woodfire Grill, Alfredo's Italian, Floataway Cafe, Nam, Sage on Sycamore, these are just a few. Where is your hotel?

    1. Bone's, Aria, Antica Posta in Buckhead

      South City Kitchen, Ecco, Trois in Midtown.

      1. I like Murphy's in Va.Highland

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        1. re: WCchopper

          Murphy's is so inconsistent. Their chef left to fix the menu at Lobby. They have just hired a new GM, he is a great guy, and hopefully he can return Murphy's to greatness.

        2. For entertaining, Bone's is wonderful.

          1. Restaurant Eugene may be the best in town and is a little jewel-box.
            Bones has the best steak. You will be called "folks" at the front desk, which could embarass sophisticated clients.
            Woodfire Grill (front cafe portion only), Ecco, The Grape (6-7 locations) and Vine all have excellent small plates and huge wine lists; of them, I like Vine the best.
            Little Schezuan is the best Chinese in town and maybe one of the 5 best restaurants in town. Not beautiful, but astonishingly cheap.
            Sotto Sotto has great pasta.
            Oceanaire Seafood Room has the best seafood and is very impressive.
            Pano & Paul is plush and 1970's old-fashioned but has fine food, as do some of the other members of the Buckhead Life Group; namely Pricci, Kyma and Veni Vedi Vici (avoid the others).
            Service is mostly hick-town and hyped (you will be told your waiter's first name in most places and called "you guys").
            Many of the other prestige places are very over-rated.