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Jan 16, 2007 06:29 PM

Best in Bellevue?

SF Hound will be spending a week in Bellevue.

Looking for some guidance on where to go. Into quality ingredients, innovation, great wines. Price is not an object.


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  1. Bis on Main and Daniel's Broiler.

    1. Add Tosoni's and SeaStar. Although I'm not sure I'd think of Bellevue as having many innovative restaurants.

      1. heartily second seastar and bis on main. i think other good choices are andre's eurasin bistro(ne 20th?) and szechuan chef.
        unfortunately the best place-san soucci-is now gone.

        1. Actually, bighound, the owners of San Soucci closed that restaurant and opened Luciano's. It is under the skybridge that connects Bellevue Square to Lincoln Square...used to be the Pallino space.

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            hey, thanks for the info. i have eaten twice at luciano's but the fact that it was the same owners some how never trickled down to me. that explains alot though.

          2. Bis on Main is an all-around delight. Seastar is great too, but a bit more of a "where to be seen" vibe.