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Jan 16, 2007 06:24 PM

Thai Nakorn burnt down?

I had gotten great reviews about Thai Nakorn and was going to try it out soon, and just came across this while reading the burnt down last week. I did a search here b/c I've seen it recommended before and just figured I'd give a heads up before anyone trekked out there with a Thai craving

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  1. Holy cow... we went there just a couple of weeks ago and had the crispy catfish salad..... this is indeed sad news. With renu nakorn closed, it looks like the Thai food crown may be shifting to Ruen Pair in Thai Town, but sad that the crown shifts by no greater reason than default.

    Mr Taster

    1. The scene has finished with fire marshall's inspection and the family is going to rebuild ASAP.

      1. I'm shocked. If they don't rebuild it's truly a great loss.

        1. There are a couple of Thai Nakorn fire threads -- yes, it's sad, especially since Renu Nakorn in Norwalk isn't reopened yet.

          1. OH NO! I don't believe it. I'm leaving for Orange County in literally 10 minutes (staying in Anaheim) and was looking forward to several meals there. Glad I went there over the holidays.