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Recommendation for best pizza in the village?

My husband and I would like recs for a fun place in the village for very good pizza. Doesn't have to the very best in all of NYC. Just a fun place which is easy to get to from midtown. We won't have much time for travelling. This will be our only opportunity to get to the village, so would like to make a really good choice.

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  1. John's Pizzeria at 278 Bleecker St. I'm sure you'll get other recommendations.

    1. Otto--Mario Batali's pizza place--is a lot of fun. The entrance is on 8th street off 5th Avenue.

      1. otto's pizza is dreadful in my opinion...sorry. that place is only decent for cheese and wine...and i use decent sparingly.

        try una pizza nepalitano (sp?) or even demarcos...which i enjoy more and more.

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          agreed about otto. it's nice for a glass of wine and a small bite, but the pizza is way overrated. meh.

        2. Bleecker Pizza is pretty good. We find Otto pleasant but am not crazy about the pizza.

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            1. Yes, Arturos! Old school NY feel, jazz piano playing, Village neighborhood, and excellent coal oven pizza!

              1. third the arturo's recommendation. along with john's, it has a great, old new york sort of feel and solid pizza. john's used to be one of the best in the city but is now merely ok. arturo's is not the creme de la creme of pizza by any means, but at this point it's better than john's and more than good enough for your specifications (fun, located in the village, easy access from midtown, etc).

                can't recommend demarco's. i've given it chance after chance and disappoints 3 out of every 4 times. it may have a connection to difara but it's nowhere near the same league. not to mention, if you're going to go there, you'd want to get the pizza from the take-out space rather than the dining room - for some reason the pizza is much worse in the latter.

                and as for otto - people either like it or they don't. it's not a classic ny/neapolitan-style pizza by any means; more like a cracker pizza in the roman style. if you're looking for something unusual you might want to give it a shot, but if you want classic ny pizza don't go. for what it's worth, i like otto's non-pizza items (apps, gelato, cheeses, wines, etc.) much better than their pizza.

                1. Go to John's. Overall, I think you would have a better time there then Arturo's. They are both fun however. Otto the servers try to hustle you as if you were at a Friday's. The bar area is good for a glass of wine though.

                  1. Thank you, everyone. This is excellent information. Just what I needed to know.

                    1. IMHO, Lil Frankies pies (East Village) stand up to anywhere in the city, even though they're not known for them.

                      1. Both John's and Arturo's are classic NY Pizza joints. They are unpretentious, good, old fashioned pizza parlors (NY termminology), with freshly made pies and just the right attitude. Retro, all the way.

                        1. If you are strolling around 6th and Bleeker a fresh slice at Joe's will do you right!

                          Not a sit down place at all though...

                          1. ...there are loads of good pizza to be had in the WV...but, definitely not in John's.

                            1. John's pizza is just plain mediocre. Lousy ingredients, inconsistent cooking - this is a place that coasts on an old, undeserved reputation. Go to Arturo's. 28 Carmine can be very good too.

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                                Once more, thank you. I really appreciate your help!

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                                  I always prefer Arturo's.

                                  But John's is more convenient for a subway tourist. (The Number 1 train is one block north.) 28 Carmine is also subway friendly. (The orange and blue lines all stop at "West 4th Street.")

                                  But if you can take a taxi, say "Houston and Thomson." And eat great coal oven pizza at Arturo's.

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                                    More convenient? They can't walk a few blocks? "Orange and Blue lines?" Are you sure your handle should be NativeNewYorker? :-)

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                                    John'sis mediocore? It may not be the best pizza, but it is good. Arturo's is solid also but not that much better.

                                  3. West Village - Arturo's hands down. You can even buy his artwork as a souvenier. Get the supreme (or whatever they call it with onions, peppers, sausage, etc.) I love his Smarty Jones portrait!

                                    But also, take the F to 2nd Ave and go to Pala on Allen, just south of Houston on the east side of the street. It's as close as you'll get to pizza in Italy, it's fresh, they use quality ingredients. Go for the Buffalo Cruda for something simple, light (for pizza) and divine.

                                    1. Arturo's and DeMarco's are my spots.

                                      1. Some friends recently introduced me to Luzzo's and it's excellent. They also have awesome pastas too. www.luzzorestaurant.com

                                        1. I need to cast a vote for Patsy's on University Place and 10th? 11th? The pepperoni and mushroom pizza is my favorite pizza, ever, and I really appreciate the handful of fresh basil they throw on top. John's is a salty disappointment more often than not, though it has a lot of character and nice people.

                                            1. go to brooklyn. pizza in the village is almost entirely crap. Joe's still makes a half decent slice, but that's it.

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                                                I've tried a number of Brooklyn slices. No different from the average NYC slice. Suffer the same problem: 1) all ingredients from basic food distributors (Sysco, etc.), 2) canned sauce, 3) non-Italians making the pies.

                                                (If you have specific Brooklyn places, please list them here or on the Outerborough Board. I'll drive anywhere for a great slice.)

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                                                  NOT a slice joint, but I tried Franny's on Flatbush (edge of Park Slope) for the first time at lunch 2 weeks ago and it was top of the charts. They have individual-sized pizzas - best to go w/a friend or three and share, so you don't have to choose just one. Lunch is MUCH less crowded than dinner from what I hear. Not cheap but worth it.

                                              2. If you find yourself on the lower eastside try Cafe Centosette on Second Ave. They have individual pizzas that are truly delicious.

                                                1. Lombardi's on Spring Street. Brick Oven...supposedly one of the first pizza parlors in the US. It's not just a novelty...it's really good.

                                                  1. How can anybody like John's pizza. The crust is always burned and hard to chew and the sauce is too sweet.Go for a slice at Joe's at Father demo square on sixth and Bleecker

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                                                      Thanks to all. I'm sad to report my trip was cancelled, but I hope to act on your recs another time.

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                                                        Isn't there a decent spot for a slice on Seventh Avenue, south of Christopher? I know that's vague, but I'm staying in Manhattan for a few days (from Brooklyn!) and want to order a pie for delivery.
                                                        I'm at 12th between Fifth and Sixth. I hope no one recommends Fat Sals. Gross.

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                                                          I would recommend Bleecker pizza on 7th and Bleecker.

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                                                            I will second that! Try their grandma pie or Nona Maria!

                                                      2. Best pizza in the village to me is No. 28 at 28 Carmine Street.

                                                        1. John's on Bleecker will always be #1. Try Artichoke or Una Pizza Napoletana for something different.