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Jan 16, 2007 06:03 PM

Recommendation for best pizza in the village?

My husband and I would like recs for a fun place in the village for very good pizza. Doesn't have to the very best in all of NYC. Just a fun place which is easy to get to from midtown. We won't have much time for travelling. This will be our only opportunity to get to the village, so would like to make a really good choice.

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  1. John's Pizzeria at 278 Bleecker St. I'm sure you'll get other recommendations.

    1. Otto--Mario Batali's pizza place--is a lot of fun. The entrance is on 8th street off 5th Avenue.

      1. otto's pizza is dreadful in my opinion...sorry. that place is only decent for cheese and wine...and i use decent sparingly.

        try una pizza nepalitano (sp?) or even demarcos...which i enjoy more and more.

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          agreed about otto. it's nice for a glass of wine and a small bite, but the pizza is way overrated. meh.

        2. Bleecker Pizza is pretty good. We find Otto pleasant but am not crazy about the pizza.

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