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Jan 16, 2007 05:58 PM

Chinese in Staten Island (don't say Jade Island), and other yummy ethnic...

I'm new to SI and went to Jade Island as a few ChowHounds seemed to like it. It was fine I suppose if what you’re looking for is the chinese cuisine of my suburban youth. Thick clear sauces, “spicy” dishes that barely made the tongue prickle, a hot and sour soup that was sweet and cold. Honestly though, it was fine just not remotely notable. It may be that SI is no place for Chinese, but I won’t give up is you send suggestions that you love and can vouch for. I love Sichuan and Cantonese and Dim Sum and Hunan... (I could go on and on) Looking for any of these.

We asked a few places if there was SI dim sum, but these places (Chinese Places!?!?) clearly don’t know what dim sum is? (“uh, you want a cocktail?””oh, so like, catering then”)

P.S. Any other SI ethnic that you LOVE I’d love to know about. I’ve got the Sri Lankan down and do quite like it. Live right near them. But, any great Indian? Ethiopian? Pakistani? African? Send me on a quest, I’ll go.

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  1. Taste of India II on New Dorp Lane is delcious, really very good. I just went to Pho Mac the enw Vietnamese restaurant on Richmond Rd and was blown away. Incredibly good, fresh, our server was so funny, kind, and helpful. Plus it is BYOB, so I felt like we stuffed ourselves for very little money. I have heard good things about Island Roti Shop on Victory Blvd. and Wright Taste on Bay St., but Jamaican food is not my personal cup of tea so I haven't been. There are also some really yummy taco places on Stapleton.

    I have yet to find amazing Chinese on S.I. (and I'm a native S.I. gal), but if I have a craving and can't make it into Manhattan I go to Sing Bo on Victory Blvd. just near Manor Rd.

    Also on Victory between Slosson and Clove Rd. is Tokyo Sushi Restaurant. They just remodeled the interior so there is more room and it has a nicer atmosphere, but the sushi is as excellent as ever.

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      Thanks, that is really helpful! The Roti shop on Victory scares me a little but I should give it a shot.

      Have you been to Zest yet? New, I think, on Bay. Terrible name but the menu looks good, kinda in the Vida/Aesop's Table category.

      1. re: Phantastic

        Pho Mac is the only Vietnamese place on Staten Island. Although I've yet to try it, I venture a guess that it's not very good. Yes Vietnamese food is amazing! It is fresh, spicy, herbacious, citrus and ever so satisfying. I just don't know about PHO MAC. If you've tried it since this tip, what's your honest report. I grew up in LA where you can get great Pho and other Vietnamese...Staten Island doesn't seem like the place.

        As for "Little Sri Lanka" on Victory at Cebra, NEW ASHA is the place we were tipped off to try by a Sri Lankan man. New Asha is a veritable hole in the wall, so if you're squeamish about the Roti Place, New Asha would be no different. I suggest you find a way to get over this because New Asha is the spiciest, the most unique food around. All for about 5 bucks. Just ask for a plate of Mutton or Fish Curry to go and couple Roti Appetizers and you can't go wrong!

        As far as Chinese and Thai....slim quality pickens. We've heard good things about MAYLING'S KITCHEN (Chinese) on Forest in W. Brighton and Forest Thai (also on Forest in W. Brighton), but I can't vouch. If you want the best Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai it's in and around Flushing, Queens.

        Staten Island destroys for Italian, and seemingly has some good Middle Eastern, Halal, Indian, Sri Lankan, but when it comes to Asian Cuisine, I've yet to be pleased.

        1. re: HaryBosco


          "when it comes to Asian Cuisine, I've yet to be pleased'

          Try to track down some of Flaco and comestible's excellent postings on this Board. They know all the great ethnically diverse SI places. :-)

          1. re: HaryBosco

            Pho Mac is completely solid and generally as good as the usual suspects in the three Chinatowns. Please don't "venture a guess" when business is down for everyone and we could lose a SI gem. Mayling's Kitchen is a clean, decent take out joint but is Americanized style Chinese. Forest Thai is dismal in my opinion. As for South Asian the board is full of info regarding Sri Lankan, Indian and Pakistani joints that hold their own with the other boroughs. My Korean friends tell me that the BBQ place on Bradley has improved with new ownership. HaryBosco, why don't you go check it out for us and report back?

            1. re: Flaco

              Flaco, sounds like you're someone I can trust...channeling many of the things I often say about ethnic foods.

              I guess my foot was shoved in my mouth regarding Pho Mac, but you must understand how SI and Richmond Ave. Asian restaurants under the SI Hotel must look to someone seeking quality asian food. I will be trying Pho Mac soon.

              If I can get Min Joo Kim to eat Korean BBQ on SI, I will check it out. We've been making the trek to Queens because even 32nd street in Manhattan was disappointing our first visit.

              Thanks for the candid comments.

              Respect is mutual I hope...

              Mayling's was a tip from my italian (married to a chinese woman) landlord. He even remarked she doesn't like it that much.

              Haven't been to Forest Thai yet, just know that it's yelp score is off the charts...probably due to SI locals lack of trying much Thai food because there isn't much around.

              1. re: HaryBosco

                I hear you Hary, I've never gone into that Japanese place next to Pho Mac.

                If 32nd Street bummed ya out I doubt Bradley is any better but you never know. I got my tip from my dry cleaner and I guy I play tennis with, both Korean.

                Plenty of respect coming at ya, I loved LA for ethnic when I lived there in the 80's. and defend it all the time here in NY... a dangerous POV.

                I tried to like Forest Thai and might have even recommended it once but it is really mediocre.... cheap Singha though!

                Great Mexican here in SI my friend, and I'm from Tucson!

        2. re: Miss Poste

          I just saw your post about Zest. ...

        3. East Pan Asian in the mall is very good. It is in another league from other mediocre too gross take out or american style eat in places. Zest is amazing. Taste of India is wonderful-try the chicken vindaloo if you like spicy. For take out "gyros" there is a great turkish store front by the OTB on forest. Empire East on Hylan is same owner as East Pan Asian, very good noodle soups. Golden's deli on richmond is great jewish deli, little pricey but really solid fare. Pizza-my favorites are Deninos and Nucci's. Joe and Pat's is a distant third. Tratoria is Ok, but typical cutting lots of corners in it for the profit italian american. Best Italian I know of is Al Di La in park slope. Totally absolutely worth the trip.

          1. the best chinese on staten island....loon chuan on page avenue on the south shore. very good food. i recommend szechuan wonton appetizer.

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              I thought I had read that they closed?

            2. Phan
              We recently had a few delicious meals at what looked to be a typical shopping center restaurant, but turned out to have excelllent food. The owner works as a Mgr at one of the better NYC hotels and is trying to bring some more interesting cuisine to the Island. It's called Oriental Taste. It's in the shopping center on Arthur Kill and Richmond Ave. We had a long discussion about how diffficult it is to get people to venture from The "Combo platter" mentality. They had a "Special Menu" selection that looked very interesting, though not inexpensive. Theyalso have a small sushi bar
              Here's their regular menu.

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                I'm still a great fan of Dosa Garden on Victory next to the Albanian mosque. It is South Indian and Sri Lankan. There are a lot of posts about it on the outer borough board. I was there on Friday night and happy to see it almost full. The Korean place on Bradley does appear to have improved, and in my opinion outranks a lot of what you find on 32nd street in Manhattan, where the restaurateurs have gotten complacent. Both Pho Mac and the Korean restaurant have excellent Chinese dishes also. But you still can't get funky Chinese food like congee out in SI. (Not that it is easy to find in Brooklyn either!) Pho Mac has the crispiest most greaseless spring rolls I have ever had. A

                1. re: BMartin

                  Of course!
                  I should have included your name along with Flaco and comestible, of "Hounds in the Know " RE:more eclectic Asian recc,
                  My apologies. :-)

                  1. re: Tay

                    Well, thanks! Its a small but intense community out here. True chow hounding as you really have to sniff the places out.

                    And, there's a new Turkish restaurant opening up at Fr Capadano Blvd and Ocean Avenue, where that oid bar was across from the elderly housing at the east end of the boardwalk. It should be open soon--it says it will serve pizza but as you may know the Turkish restaurants in Sheepshead Bay serve a dish that is like pizza--stuff on a baked flat bread. So lets hope.

                    1. re: BMartin

                      Are you referring to that scary "Biker Bar?' Wow! That would be great!

                      1. re: Tay

                        Yes, I think so. I recall an article in the Advance saying it had closed after being there a long time.

                        1. re: BMartin

                          Indeed it was called the Surf Club and had been there since the late 40's. Vietnam vets hung out there.

                          1. re: BMartin

                            Inside, they never took the X-mas lights down... nice and cheery if you're sad and beery.