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Jan 16, 2007 05:51 PM

San Francisco restaraunts near Pacific Heights

Visiting relatives, any suggestions for local dining in/around Pacific Heights?

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  1. Kiss Seafood

    Quince-1701 Octavia Street
    beautiful, small and charming great food- French/Italian

    Luella-1896 Hyde Street, near by Russian Hill- More casual than Quince, American/California style nice neighborhood vibe place.

    1. For a true SF experience, if you love shell fish, try Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street. It's totally old-school San Francisco. No frills, counter seating only (no tables). It's only open during the day. They have the freshest seafood on the planet. Stop in for a couple of oysters and a fresh Anchor Steam Beer. The best.

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      1. re: fluffyk67

        Agreed. Avoid the chowder, get the oysters and the crab, but get the crab naked and get a side of melted butter. They ladle on too much cocktail sauce for such beautiful crab.

        And a pint of that sweet, sweet Anchor Steam.

        Man those oysters were good. Love love love the atmosphere. Get there around 11:30 so you get a seat during the first seating. And expect a very communal, jolly, sardine-like seating experience. Wonderful time in "old" San Fracisco...

        1. re: fluffyk67

          Swan's seafood is no fresher than any other reputable place's. Most of it comes from the airport.

          The freshest seafood in town is from the live tanks at some Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants.

        2. Bushi-Tei in Japantown (edge of Pacific Heights) and Vivande on Fillmore are favorites of mine...

          1. Florio on Fillmore between Bush&Pine does a nice job with a fairly simple bistro-type menu. Good roast chicken and steak/frites.

            Harry's on Fillmore between Pine&California puts out a pretty good hamburger.

            There is a good nuevo Peruvian restaurant (called Fresca) on Fillmore between California&Sacramento.

            On California just west of Divisadero, try Annie's Bistro or Eliza's (Chinese).