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Jan 16, 2007 05:44 PM

Kosher Upscale in Miami?

I haven't been to Miami in a while - what are the choices for upscale kosher dining these days?

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  1. Prime Grill closed, iirc, replaced by Prime 18, which should be upscale, and there is an Asian fusion place (China Bistro) just across the way in The Waterways that is pretty nice. Sadly, Juliette, the French place in Surfside, has also closed.

    1. I would recommend China Bistro. We had a really, really good experience, though it was the summer and kind of quiet.

      1. Thanks

        Anyone with an opinion of Prime 18?

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          We stayed there, did pre-paid at the Tower 41 or Laskos 41 whatever it was. It was expensive but WOW. Tons of meat, salads, etc. Wasn't a warm, friendly environment - we were with a small sleeping child (did I mention silent?) but we did our own kiddush, etc and the evening meal was fantastic. Daytime was a buffet of which I am normally not thrilled but in the end it was fantastic.

        2. I'm going to Miami in a couple of weeks for Shabbat. Staying at the Four Points Sheraton (41st and Collins). Can anyone recommend a good place for a prepaid Shabbat dinner?


          1. also further north, Aventura, Hollywood and Boca have a good selection of kosher restaurants.