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Kosher Upscale in Miami?

I haven't been to Miami in a while - what are the choices for upscale kosher dining these days?

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  1. Prime Grill closed, iirc, replaced by Prime 18, which should be upscale, and there is an Asian fusion place (China Bistro) just across the way in The Waterways that is pretty nice. Sadly, Juliette, the French place in Surfside, has also closed.

    1. I would recommend China Bistro. We had a really, really good experience, though it was the summer and kind of quiet.

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        Anyone with an opinion of Prime 18?

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          We stayed there, did pre-paid at the Tower 41 or Laskos 41 whatever it was. It was expensive but WOW. Tons of meat, salads, etc. Wasn't a warm, friendly environment - we were with a small sleeping child (did I mention silent?) but we did our own kiddush, etc and the evening meal was fantastic. Daytime was a buffet of which I am normally not thrilled but in the end it was fantastic.

        2. I'm going to Miami in a couple of weeks for Shabbat. Staying at the Four Points Sheraton (41st and Collins). Can anyone recommend a good place for a prepaid Shabbat dinner?


          1. also further north, Aventura, Hollywood and Boca have a good selection of kosher restaurants.

            1. I was just in Miami for a week. Did some amazing eating!!! China Bistro was fabulous. Delicious food, nice atmostphere. Another nice one was Cine Citta. The night we were there the service wasn't so great but the food was delicious and again great atmosphere. I heard lots of negative things about Prime 18 so we didn't bother going. Other great restaurants we hit included: Grill Time, Thai Treat, Tea for Two, My Favorite Cafe, and Gourmet Carrot. For shabbat we took food out from Sam's which also great.

              1. Thanks for the report, kira! My best friend down there loves Thai Treat, and I always loved Gourment Carrot. Glad to know they're keeping up with the Jonesteins.

                1. Ok steak is my husband's game, mine is Sushi - anyone can speak on steak/ Prime 18? And sushi? Going to be in Hollywood, but we're driving down from Tampa, so anything within 30 minutes is worth the drive for us (Signed, Starving but Kosher in Tampa)

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                  1. If Prime 18 is like any other upscale kosher steakhouse these days, I'm sure it has sushi.

                    1. I've eaten in Cinne Cita many times. There have always been problems with the service, but the food was wonderful. I also like China Bistro. I ate at Prime 18 and was very disapointed in the food and the service. I had steak which I had to give back 3 different times. I ordered it rare and first I got it well done and the next two times it was medium. It was a while ago so I don't remember exactly what kind of steak I ordered, I finally gave up. My friend had sushi but hers arrived at the table and was eaten before my first steak arrived. The waitress brought her sushi instead of sashimi but she didn't want to complain. I haven't been to Gourmet Carrot yet. i am in Miami now and will try it tomorrow.

                      1. China Bistro-Great chinese and sushi, long waits and bad service. I would still reccomend going for the food.

                        Prime 18- Very Bad, we walked out!

                        Dougies-41st very good!

                        Tea 4 Two-Great Sushi!

                        Sarahs tent grocery store has a new restaurant-we didnt like it.

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                            Ok, here's my update. We went for 3 days and I went to

                            Prime 18, China Bistro, Bissaleh

                            Prime 18. On a Monday night at 7 was deserted (which may also have been that it was Monday). The server was nice but didn't know the menu well. Food was good. Better than what the above posts suggestsed.
                            It was kind of slow service given the fact we were the only ones in the place, but we have a going joke in our family that the better the hecksher the slower the service. I had the sea bass (excellent) husband had a steak (great). Appetizer of Chicken Satay was worthless - 3 pieces for $10? no peanut sauce or anything but we used the tasteless chicken for our toddler!

                            China Bistro - lots of sushi options and fried sushi that were exciting in addition to cocktails. I thought the americanized sushi was great. But then again I love a deep fried tempura roll with mayonnaise sauce!

                            Bissaleh - melawach heaven.