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Jan 16, 2007 05:39 PM

High End (but not stuffy/dressy) Restaurant for boss to take clients?

My boss will be in town and needs a great dinner recommendation. They want someplace high end without being stuffy...maybe high end bistro or something similar? They love Gramercy Tavern, but have been a million times...any suggestions?

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  1. I suggest another Danny Meyer restaurant, Eleven Madison Park....just got a three star review from NYT, great room and Daniel Humm, the relatively new chef, is very talented.

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      thanks! what does the room look like? does it have a buzz to it?

      1. re: ljero

        Definite buzz to it. The new chef completely revamped the menu (it's now tasting menu driven). Creative as heck. The three stars (awarded after my visit this summer) are about as deserved as I can imagine.

        The room is spectacular.

        If you are a Sex and the City devotee, you may recall an episode where Carri and Big are meeting for lunch as "friends" ... she orders iced tea, Big orders club soda ... they pause, then switch ... she to a Cosmo, he to scotch. He then tells here he's seeing someone and it's serious. She blows out in a huff and nearly falls on the way out. THAT'S the room.

        As a slight change, but staying with the French theme, Nice Matin on the UWS has a top rate sommelier and a killer menu. Not quite as fancy, but food is tops.

    2. Ummm...the usual suspects, Le Bernadin, Aquavit, Union Square Cafe....or Del Posto, perhaps, Babbo.

      1. I went to le bernadin recently. too dressy--not as "fun" as other places. they were thinking the restaurant in the mandarin oriental or kittachai (?)? thoughts? others?

        1. Quality meats is an excellent place for business in my opinion...handsome room, excellent food, top notch service...everyone will enjoy themselves.

          1. What about gotham bar and grill? if not that, something similar?

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              Gotham Bar & Grill is my second choice after Eleven Madison Park. The room is nice, there's definitely a buzz, and the food is consistently excellent and has been so for years. But you can't beat big room with the vaulted ceilings at Eleven Madison Park (IMHO) and the food is more creative. Third choice is Bouley; there are relatively small, beautiful rooms and the ambience is more muted.