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Jan 16, 2007 05:36 PM

Recs for Saturday lunch in Philly

My husband and I are coming to town for the weekend, staying at The Four Seasons. Thanks to the great info I've culled from other posts, I have most of our dining itinerary set:

Friday dinner: Matyson
Saturday dinner: Brasserie Perrier
Sunday brunch: Patou

I'm stuck for Saturday lunch, though. We're probably going to do some shopping up and down Walnut Street, but we're not tied to that. We don't mind driving a little or taking a cab, but not so far that it takes us away from shopping for too long (i.e., we'll stray to Old City but not Manayunk). I know I've done myself a bit of a disservice by picking two places for dinner that have Saturday lunch, but that's what I've picked, and I'm sticking with it.

My short list right now is Lakeside Chinese Deli, Imperial Inn, and Happy Rooster. My criteria is something more than sandwiches and salads, no Mexican, Indian, Thai (I'm not bit on spicy), no chains. I want to have a list so that no matter what we're doing, when we get hungry we can stop for lunch and know where we want to go. If anyone can help me, I know you good folks can!

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  1. lakeside it is...and stop by the Reading Terminal Market while you're at it. You could also eat at RTM but it's quite hectic on a Saturday and Lakeside is oh so good. Maybe dessert at the Market?

    1. Unless your dinner reservations are for 8 pm or later I would limit what I had for lunch so that I was still hungry for dinner. I would go with Reading Terminal Market as well and maybe split a roast pork, provolone, and roast peppers at Di Nics unless you both are really big eaters. Maybe a Bassetts ice cream as well. I would stay away from the cheesesteak place in the Market. Be aware it will be very crowded, and if that is a problem you might might to go with the Lakeside mentioned above.

      1. I'd second...err third going to Reading Terminal Market for lunch or perhaps a late breakfast (they do serve those pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place until early afternoon and DiNic's roast pork would be a good juxtaposition to your other fancier fare.

        1. Lakeside is authentic, wonderful and priced very well. Across the street is a great bakery for dessert afterwards.

          Just a note, your other restaurant mentions are pretty upscale, which definitely doesn't describe Lakeside.

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          1. re: Main Line Tracey

            To elaborate on M. L. Tracey's comment about Lakeside, to say that it's not upscale is an understatement. Although I love the dim sum there, the atmosphere is somewhat dreary.

            1. re: vicarious

              Thanks for the comments re: the relative atmospheres. I'm more than okay with Lakeside being downscale. Because we're doing more upscale at our other meals, I want something more relaxed for lunch. Dreary is okay as long as it's clean :) We'll see where we are at that time of day, then go from there, but I'm leaning towards Lakeside with RTM as my second.

              Thanks to everyone. If I can remember much about the trip when I get back (I have a terrible memory for specifics), I'll post a report.

          2. If you want a more upscale lunch, try Estia, at Broad and Locust. It's near where you plan to be and has a lovely atmosphere. It is a greek fish and seafood place, and you can probably eat a light lunch if that is what you want.