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May 3, 2005 05:50 AM

lemony goodness - meyer lemon cupcake from citizen cupcake vs. ginger lemon carrs crackers?

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I know this post will attract few except myself and maybe Sixy Beast, who posted on these cupcakes earlier, but still I am tempted to write after finally tasting the lemony concoction from Citizen Cupcake

The Meyer Lemon cupcake is pure lemony richness that hits you with a zing! Shining bright yellow and dressed beautifully in its ribbony icing, the flavor of this cupcake was simply amazing on the day it was baked. However, as I only finished half of this (I was given a total of four cupcakes and had to try them all!) and left it in the fridge till the next day, I had the luck(?) to taste what the flavor became overnight. Overall I'd say the texture held up very well and the cake's flavor, though it declined a little, was still very striking. The filling held up less well in comparison - while it was great the day before it tasted not quite right on the second day

The reason why Carr's crackers are even -mentioned- in the same post as the fabulous cupcake is because I once suggested these crackers to Sixy Beast when she originally posted about the Meyer Lemon goodness. Her reaction was understandably skeptical - I should say that while I find nothing wrong with Carr's crackers, I don't stock them and never found a reason to buy them, except the Ginger Lemon one. The combination of the ginger graham cookie + lemon cream beats most store bought cookies(and some freshmade ones even), and I am still wondering if these cookies are indeed made by the same company as the other dry crackers.

At any rate, I simply wanted to say that, while Carr's ginger lemon cookie shall definitely not compete with the Meyer lemon cupcake on the day they are born, after day two the choice becomes debateable. Since one cannot run to Citizen Cupcake everyday, the ginger lemon cookies may still be a reliable alternative for satisfying one's lemon cravings on a day to day basis

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  1. hey - i can't remember exactly what i said in the past, but I know I was referring to the citizen cake lemon sandwich cookies, not to the cupcake.

    And as for the carr's - well, being english, i grew up on them - well not exactly grew up - had them sometimes for a treat cos they were more expensive than regular biscuits - and I agree they are very good.

    BTW - Carrs make a water biscuit for the british market that is extra big, extra baked, extra thin and extra delcious which I can't find here. Shame, they are far more scrumptious.

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    1. re: Sixy beast

      Hey! I can't remember what I said a couple of minutes ago!

      I agree about the Carr's Lemon/Ginger Cookies. They, and the Stem Ginger Cookies from that maker of shortbread (can't recall the name right off) are the best of the store-bought lot.

      I've never had the Citizen Cake cookie OR cupcake...heck, I've never even been to Citizen Cake.

      1. re: Sixy beast

        ooh, another lemony thing to try from the Citizen Cake people! I keep giving my money to them, so far 9 out of 10 things I've had were worth every penny

      2. I'm somewhat of a lemon nut, so I read your post w/ much zeal...thanks. No cupcake has converted me (yet), but I'm going to keep a look out for the Carr's cookies as I love ginger/lemon combos. I may have to do a hunt for those and the Dare cookies people always talk about on General Topics. Better make some room in my pantry cupboard...

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        1. re: Carb Lover

          Trader Joe's always has the Carr's ginger lemon creme "biscuits."

          1. re: Ruth Lafler
            Rod Williams

            I think I can say with confidence that these lemon-ginger cookies are my absolute favorite store-bought, packaged cookies.

            Hmm... better put in something SF Bay Area-related to appease the dread Chowhound Team...

            Speaking of ginger and cookies -- another favorite is the chewy ginger cookie from the Food Mill in Oakland (3033 MacArthur Blvd, (510) 482-3848). I sometimes see them in other stores, but can't remember where right this moment.

            1. re: Rod Williams

              Food Mill's Triple Ginger cookies are indeed fabulous: chewy and delicious. When I see them other places it's usually in stores with a health food/natural food bent. But the only place I can think of off the top of my head is (where else?) Berkeley Bowl.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                I have become a regular at Peet's for an afternoon combination of their vegan ginger cookie and a cappucino.
                There's something about that combo that keeps me coming back.

              2. re: Rod Williams

                The only lemon ginger cookies I have had are sandwich cookies from Whole Foods.(country-something brand) I was addicted from the first day. My husband is actually buying grocerires at Whole Paycheck brcause he has to get my cookies all the time. The chocolate filled chocolate sandwich cookies from the same company are better than Oreos.

              3. re: Ruth Lafler

                yes true, they are biscuits indeed :) both my local Safeway and Trader Joe's has them, although the price at Trader Joe's is always better

                1. re: Trill

                  I bought some last night for the first time. I like the strong lemony flavor. My boyfriend kept begging me for more of them all night.

            2. I totally agree with you about the ginger lemon sandwich cookies made by Carr's. I just experienced these for the first time at my local Costco. I immediately bought a package of three boxes. Me buying store bought cookies is HUGE. I hate most prepackaged cookies. I think they are low quality, flavorless and simply gross. BUT these....well, the Carr's cookies are immensely flavorful and simply delicious. I'm a convert.


                If interested, the Carr's website has some amazing recipes/uses for their product line.

                1. I shall also risk the wrath of the Chowhound team and say that I love the Carr's ginger lemon biscuits, but TJ's organic ginger snaps are insanely good, crispy and with a distinct ginger kick.

                  I'll keep the Citizen Cake meyer lemon cupcakes in mind. I don't make it there often enough, but it could be a good excuse to leave the Peninsula.