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Jan 16, 2007 05:09 PM


Will be in Dallas in June and my wife is a vegatarian, any good places for her to eat down there??

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  1. Spiral Diner in FW on Magnolia@!!! It is absolutely fantastic. I recommend the jerk chicken. Of course it isn't chicken, but the flavor is the best...and the organic sodas are tasty. Breakfast is a big deal. If you want real veggie you have to check it out...

      1. re: teegee

        These are all great suggestions! I was going to recommend most of them, but you beat me to it! I particularly love Kalachandjii's (which is owned and run by the very active local Hare Krishna community) and Cosmic Cafe.

      2. Cosmic Cafe on Oak Lawn is an interesting place. I took my daughter, who is a vegetarian there once. Really good food (for vegetarian) if you like Indian influences.