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Jan 16, 2007 05:08 PM

Searching for $70pp in Brooklyn - celebration

I posted this before but the host has revised his budget (now to $70pp) and decided to definitely hold this 11 person 80th bday party in Brooklyn in Feb. After I presented him with many options, he realized that Brooklyn will afford him a nicer gathering ...more bang for the buck! So now I am focusing on restaurants. Thinking Park Slope through Dumbo.
What I've thought of so far:
Tempo: spoke to them. It could be a good fit.
Five Front: haven't been there but wondering if it's nice enough. Host liked the idea of DUMBO visually.
Spanish: there's a spanish restaurant on Atlantic Ave. I was wondering about.

I could surely use some suggestions. Classy but good food.

So, any and all ideas are appreciated.

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  1. The Spanish spot on Atlantic is not very good. Super salty, super greasy, at least the last time I tried it (it's been a while, maybe two years), and I felt over priced for what you get.

    I've been to Super Fine in Dumbo for big events and I think they do an excellent job, and the space is fun.

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      For $70pp you could go to many places and my vote would be Tempo or Convivium. Henry's End might be able to do it as well but 11 is tight there.

      The real reason I'm responding is to say that La Mancha on Atlantic Ave ("the Spanish place") was sold 2 years ago to the current owners and we love the place -- they've changed it from the previous owners quite a bit. They, themselves, have improved over the 2 years and now have tapas like morcilla (blood sausage) and tripe stew that are excellent. The prices for tapas are misleading, since the portion sizes are much larger than the small plates in many places... more like the racion (spelling?) size (did I get this right?... I mean the double size portions in Madrid's tapas joints). Not so much salty as very garlicy and they do like oily chorizo. I find it great to mop up with bread. At any rate, the food there is good and we hang out there verrrrry regularly, at least once/week. It hardly pays to go as an individual, since sharing is necessary to average out the cost... a single diner will spend too much or be able to order only a couple of things before the bill goes up. At least 3 or 4 make this place a gem.

    2. I like Superfine, but the staff might have a few too many piercings for an older group of diners. I think an older crowd might be more comfortable at Five Front, Noodle Pudding or Henry's End.

      I've eaten at Five Front a few times and it's not especially memorable, but the food is decent and the space is attractive.

      If your guests are more into atmosphere than food, Pete's is also a good option. Amazing view, so-so food. They also have parking for your guests with cars.

      1. I've been to Henry's End when there are moderately large groups so they could probably handle it, and they are great! Highly recommend them, and their waitstaff are always very nice and helpful.

        1. Convivium could serve you a feast for that price and has a fabulous private wine cellar that seats up to 25 or so. I think you said you're 11 people -- they have 1 big rectangular table that would seat all of you down there or upstairs.

          Applewood *might* take a group of 11 (as a tasting menu?) and should be able to make that price work (depending on alcohol consumption.)

          Five Front is a great choice and I think they could seat you in the back so you could have some privacy.

          Have you considered the new place on Henry -- Petit Marche? They may be eager to book a larger group.

          On Smith St. I'd consider Saul and Chestnut as well.

          Finally, it's a bit cheesy inside, but big groups are a blast at Queen on Court St. The food just keeps coming in wave after yummy wave.


          1. TEMPO and CONVIVIUM are great choices for a celebration party. CONVIVIUM has that wonderful long family table in the downstairs wine cellar. We attended a few parties there and the food and wine were extraordinary. The owners went all out to ,ake it a super special occasion. We went to an anniversary party for 14 at TEMPO a while back, and it was great. Excellent food, professional service, and lots of special attention.

            HENRY'S END has fine food, and we love the place, but it is to cramped and noisy for a group celebration .