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Jan 16, 2007 04:53 PM

LocoPops coming to Chapel Hill

The Chapel Hill News had a blurb about LocoPops opening a second location in The Courtyard on West Franklin St. I was at the Durham location yesterday and the lady working said they are shooting to open in mid March. By the way, the buttermilk honey and chai pops I had were sublime and the boys enjoyed their white chocolate peppermint stick, carmel, and strawberry rosewater.

Between TJ and Locopops coming to Chapel Hill we are in for some treats!

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  1. Is this the same location as Sandwhich/3 Cups and behind Penang?

    1. Yes, this is the same location. 3Cups and Sandwhich staff have really been talking this up... can't say that I blame them!

      1. Are they vegetarian ?
        if so excellent!!

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        1. re: Rory

          Vegetarian? They're popscicles. They have two varieties: cream-based and water-based. My family prefers the cream-based. I haven't seen any meat-flavored LocoPops.

          My wife loves the white chocolate peppermint.

          1. re: Tom from Raleigh

            The Mexican chocolate one is delicious!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Loco Pops in Chapel Hill--what great news for vegetarian and carnivorous popsicle fans, alike (:P). They're really doing neat things in that Courtyard.

            With tongue in cheek, I must say: I told you so. In my August column on popsicles, I reported that Locopops planned to open a Chapel Hill shop:
            (you'll find more popsicle content here:


            Obviously, as this new blurb states, Locopops is moving ahead with those plans. West Franklin sure is taking shape--now if we can only trade the soon-to-be Chipotle for a real taqueria.