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Jan 16, 2007 04:50 PM

Toronto restaurant tips

I'm writing a newspaper article and I need to find some great places to eat and drink in Toronto over about a two day period. They don't have to be trendy - just good and popular. They can range from crazy to stuffy. Thanks.

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  1. Taste of China Seafood Restaurant, 338 Spadina. A few doors south of there is The Dumpling House---awesome!

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    1. re: Brain of J

      Rule #1 about restaurants in Toronto: If you want good Chinese, don't go to Chinatown.

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        Wordsworth, you should becareful how you phrase things. What exactly is *that* supposed to mean? Chinatown is *the* place to get authentic non-North-Americanized Chinese food. To be fair, there are good and bad restaurants (like any place.) You just have to know where to go.

    2. I'm not certain that good and popular always intersect when it comes to restaurants.

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        A good point, but I'm not really looking for the finest cuisine in the city. I need places where the food is good but that also have ambience and would give a visitor a feel for the city. Thanks for taking the time to write.

      2. May I make a suggestion jess? I hope it is helpful.

        click around the 3 or 4 most recent pages on the board and jot down the restos that catch your attention based on the postings. Then post that list here and ask people to add/subtract/comment.

        This would help create a frame of reference for us and you will also know a lot more about what you are writing about...

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        1. Lee Garden on Spadina is wildly popular. Seven Numbers on Danforth is too. I've had a lot of fun and good food at The Big Ragu on Lansdowne. There are many excellent Dim Sum restos in the city. The Lahore Tikka House seems to have a lot of fans here, though I've never been. Bonjour Brioche is a nice bakery cafe with great bfast, baked goods and awesome sammys.

          That's a nice cross-section that has loads in it for everyone here to disagree about. :)

          1. I think that there are a number of ways that you can respond to your question.

            For example, certain areas provide a number of decent (not necessarily fantastic) restaurants that are up and coming areas noted for the food. I think this could make them somewhat trendy and provides a feel for a certain type of neighbourhood in TO. For example, Leslieville is an up and coming foodie area, with a number of good restaurants (Barrio, Kubo Radio (more trendy, less fabulous food), Bonjour Brioche (decent food, trendy, often noted for bad service which detracts people like me), Pulp Kitchen. Edward Levesque, Leslieville Cheese Market (not a restaurant, but indicative of the trend towards a foodie neighbourhood).
            As for decent, not fabulous, restaurants that are popular amongst a Bay St, King/Queen West crowd, there are places such as Ki (good service, average trendy food, very expensive for product), Blowfish, , 8 Restolounge, Brant House, The Drake Hotel, etc. Mostly mediocre food frequented for atmosphere and party potential more than anything (although I personally really enjoy the food at Blowfish).

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              8 Resto has been gone for a long time now. It is now Fumetti.

              Drake has been pumping out some great food of late.