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Midweek specials - Baltimore?

Gertrude's at the BMA has Tuesdays with Gertie - $10 entrees and discounts on selected wines by the glass.

Helen's Garden in Canton has a 3-course wine tasting menu for $29 on Tuesdays and something else on Wednesdays (can't remember the details?)

Taste at Belvedere Square has 2 for 1 selected menu items on Tuesdays and Prix Fixe Thursdays for $30.

Are there any other midweek "specials" at places in/around Baltimore? Any type of cuisine (except chain restaurants) is ok.

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  1. Wednesday night at Henningers is $15 Lobster night, includes lobster, twice baked potato and an ear of corn!

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    1. The Prime Rib has their "Thursday Night at the Prime Rib" when they have a lite-fare menu (burger, ribs, crab cakes, etc.)

      And the first week in Feb. they have their $30 price fix Restaurant menu


      1. Bartenders in Canton on Boston Street has $6.00 pizzas (except for the 2 most expensive ones) on Monday nights. And a unique wine by the glass list. http://www.bartendersbaltimore.com/me...

        Ding How on Broadway has one of the best bargain lunches. Not stellar chinese, but good enough. And for about $5 (might be a bit more now - but still less than $6), you get an egg roll, soup and an entree, along with hot tea.

        1. Ze Mean Bean on Thursdays is $9.99 for a bowl of borscht and an entree of stuffed cabbage (plus a couple other choices; those are the ones i remember).

          1. Birches has a "buy one get another one 1/2 price" special on certain items (pasta and I believe sandwiches) on Wednesday nights.

            Thursdays at Captain Larry's: pitcher and pound of shrimp for $10.00 (certain beers I believe are a little extra).

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              It's now $12 for domestics and $14 for imports. Either one is a bargain.

            2. Iggie's has half price pizzas on Monday nights.

              1. Sunday is traditionally the chef’s night off and weekend nights are corrupted by the presence of too many diners.

                Kisling’s Tavern—10 wings for $5
                Brewers Art – 12 for 12

                City Café—half-price burger night;
                Mick O’Shea’s—burger, fries, and a 16-ounce draft for $6.99;
                One-Eyed Mike’s—$15 steak w/ garlic-smashed potatoes, string beans, and a side Caesar salad;
                Wine Market—20 percent off entrées and 30 wines for under $15.
                Brewers Art – 12 for 12
                Sotta Sopra – 5:30 – 9 1⁄2 price wine
                Bartenders in Canton on Boston Street has $6.00 pizzas (except for the 2 most expensive ones)

                Gertrude’s—$10 entrées (reservations a must);
                Kooper’s Tavern—half-price burgers all day and night.
                Taste - complimentary entree when you purchase one from our Specials Menu of equal or greater
                Helens - 3-course wine tasting menu for $29

                Helen’s Garden—selected $12 entrées (notoriously packed);
                Sascha’s 527—$15 comfort-food dinner including wine and chocolate mousse.
                Taste Every Wednesday, treat yourself to some of our bottled bliss with a half-price bottle of wine with each entree ordered. (some restrictions apply)
                Abacrombie in Mt. Vernon has 1/2 price wine night on Wednesday evenings.
                Peters 1⁄2 price wine
                Chamleon café 20-50% off wine
                Henningers is $15 Lobster night, includes lobster, twice baked potato and an ear of corn!
                Birches buy one get another one 1/2 price on certain items (pasta and I believe sandwiches)

                Buddy’s Elliott Street Bar and Grill—$11.95 rib-eye steak with fries; Looney’s Pub—$10.95 lobster dinner.
                Taste Come to Taste for a very special Prix Fixe 3 course menu for just $30.00.
                Helens – 1⁄2 price wine at bar during happy hour
                Prime Rib - lite-fare menu (burger, ribs, crab cakes, etc.)
                Ze Mean Bean $9.99 for a bowl of borscht and an entree of stuffed cabbage (plus other choices).
                Captain Larry's: pitcher and pound of shrimp for $12 & 14.00 (certain beers extra).

                Taste = live jazz fridays at 9:l5

                Wine Market Every Saturday from 2 p.m until 4:30 p.m. we offer a selection of fine wines for our guests to sample. All of the wines featured in the wine tastings are offered at 10% off in the wine shop for that day.

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                  Many thanks for posting this!

                  Michael's on Eastern (just block or two west of 95) - not sure what the rest of the day-of-the-week specials are but last time I went, Thursday night was still a huge (40 ounce?) Prime rib, T-bone or Porterhouse with two sides for something like $13-15. Believe it or not, it's actually a decent quality steak. IIRC, another weeknight had steamed shrimp as the special, and another night had crablegs

                  Wednesday - is it still half-price burger night at Kisling's?

                  Monday nights used to be AYCE ribs at Bare Bones on RT 40, but I've not been there in a long time, so call first to confirm.

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                    Buddy's (Thurs night) is no longer there. It's now Jack's Bistro, which is really yummy. I don't know if there are nightly specials, but I was there for late night snacks and appetizers were half price.

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                      jacks has a great Sunday night (only if you eat at the bar) special...

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                        Actually - we went to Jack's Bistro this past Sunday - they do offer the Sunday night specials at tables as well. At the bar they're $12 an entree; at the tables they're $15 an entree (still a great deal)!

                  2. How about Slainte in Fells Point? Do they have specials on anything? My brother and I were there a few weeks ago and a tiny pour of a house white wine was $7.

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                      They have half-price everything Wed after 9. We usually go there after Max's Pinch-the-Pint night.

                    2. Wednesday nights are half price pasta dishes at Winks in Brewers Hill. Good food and BYOB (2.50 cork fee per table)

                      1. I live a block from Helen's.... they have 12 dollar main courses on Wednesdays... but the catch is that they do not take reservations on Wednesdays.

                        1. Great thread! We've been compiling a list of daily food/drink specials. So many good ones. Here are some to add to the list:
                          - 10 entrees for $10 at Waterfront (Tuesdays)
                          - Neighborhood Night - 25% off food purchases at Todd Connors (Wednesdays)
                          - 1/2 price crab cakes at Captain Larrys (Wednesdays)
                          - $15 steak night at Mahaffeys (Tuesdays)
                          Those are some food specials that jumped out at me, but we've got a few hundred more...including a lot of drink/happy hour ones.

                          1. Mahaffey's Tues. steak night.

                            1. My favorite in my hood (Fed Hill) is Ryleighs...they have $2 crabs/$1 (fantastic) grilled ears of corn w/ feta(?) and butter, $1 oysters, etc on Tuesdays...then Wed nights their chef does a great $10 tapas-style menu, plus they have $15 bottles of wine from 5-close. That last one makes me very happy...

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                                Timbuktu has $11.99 lobster night on Monday's. Tuesday's are shrimp or pasta for $8.99. Wednesday offers $15.99 steak and Thursday is $14.99 fish night. www.timbukturestaurant.com.

                                Michael's on Eastern Avenue offers week night specials, i.e., roast prime rib on Monday nights for $12.95. Two broiled crab cakes on Wednesday's for $15.95. FoiGras

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                                  Cafe Hon has a $20 lobster special on Wednesday nights. Minato Sushi bar in Mt. Vernon has some good specials too.

                                  Cafe Hon
                                  1002 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

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                                    Any specials, food-wise, particularly in or near Canton on Thursday???


                              2. Alonso's on Cold Spring Lane has a Wednesday special 3-course prix fixe for $19.99 and half price bottles of wine.

                                1. Corks has 1/2 price steak and cabernet on Tuesdays and $9 pasta on Wednesdays. I've done the steak night--it was quite good, though the selection of half price wines is limited.

                                  On Sundays, Prime Rib used to (does?) a nice list of half price wines. A few months ago, we drank a '97 Mayacamas that was terrific.

                                  Prime Rib
                                  2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006