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Jan 16, 2007 04:48 PM

Midweek specials - Baltimore?

Gertrude's at the BMA has Tuesdays with Gertie - $10 entrees and discounts on selected wines by the glass.

Helen's Garden in Canton has a 3-course wine tasting menu for $29 on Tuesdays and something else on Wednesdays (can't remember the details?)

Taste at Belvedere Square has 2 for 1 selected menu items on Tuesdays and Prix Fixe Thursdays for $30.

Are there any other midweek "specials" at places in/around Baltimore? Any type of cuisine (except chain restaurants) is ok.

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  1. Wednesday night at Henningers is $15 Lobster night, includes lobster, twice baked potato and an ear of corn!

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    1. The Prime Rib has their "Thursday Night at the Prime Rib" when they have a lite-fare menu (burger, ribs, crab cakes, etc.)

      And the first week in Feb. they have their $30 price fix Restaurant menu

      1. Bartenders in Canton on Boston Street has $6.00 pizzas (except for the 2 most expensive ones) on Monday nights. And a unique wine by the glass list.

        Ding How on Broadway has one of the best bargain lunches. Not stellar chinese, but good enough. And for about $5 (might be a bit more now - but still less than $6), you get an egg roll, soup and an entree, along with hot tea.

        1. Ze Mean Bean on Thursdays is $9.99 for a bowl of borscht and an entree of stuffed cabbage (plus a couple other choices; those are the ones i remember).

          1. Birches has a "buy one get another one 1/2 price" special on certain items (pasta and I believe sandwiches) on Wednesday nights.

            Thursdays at Captain Larry's: pitcher and pound of shrimp for $10.00 (certain beers I believe are a little extra).

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              It's now $12 for domestics and $14 for imports. Either one is a bargain.