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Jan 16, 2007 04:48 PM

Chicken & Waffles

Where can I get the best chicken and waffles in the city?

I've heard good things about Londel's but am curious about Sylvia's and Amy Ruth's.


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  1. I don't know about the best, but Maroons makes a good version. I believe it's only at brunch, though.

    1. Had em at Sylvia's on Sunday. Chicken was pretty good -- waffle was only average. Service was decent. Entertainer was kitschy but fun.

      1. Hands down best place for chicken and waffles is Amy Ruth's up in Harlem, but be prepared to wait on line. The smothered pork chops are fantastic, too.

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          I second the reco for Amy Ruth's. Ask for the honey dipped chicken with your waffles- they keep their own bees up of the roof!

          I am also partial to their cheese grits and ALL of their desserts, especially the red velvet cake and banana pudding.

          To top it off, the owner and staff are very friendly and gave me lots of local shopping tips when I was there last.


        2. Don't know about waffles, but the chicken is great, as are the pancakes at Pink Tea Cup.

          1. They make great chicken & waffles at Cafeteria in Chelsea. Great mac & cheese too!

            119 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10011
            at 17th St.