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Greenwich this Saturday for lunch, dinner and nightlife...

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Greenwich this Saturday for lunch, dinner and nightlife...
We are taking advantage of a great deal through the Hyatt Regency Greenwich and will be spending the day in Old Greenwich this coming Saturday. I've done some research on Chowhound and wanted to get some updated opinions. I was thinking Little Thai for luch but don't know about dinner. Also, we are open to other ideas for lunch as well. The lady doesn't like seafood unfortunately, nor does she like game. Other than that we are open to pretty much any suggestions. Price-wise $30 for lunch and $100 for dinner total would be nice and of course the cheaper the better as long as the food is good. We are clueless as far as nightlife is concerned, just looking for a decent bar to hit up for a few really. Any ideas? Also, is there any food not to miss or any excellent pizza, dogs, or pastries to grab as a snack that are excellent?
PS. Any ideas for things to do in Greenwich would be greatly appreciated too.

  1. We moved an earlier thread on this topic over to Tristate where food in Greenwich is discussed. If any of our New England posters have tips or ideas, please comment here: