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Jan 16, 2007 04:43 PM

BBQ Kitchen near airport - fast food also?

Been in Atlanta for almost a week now, but mostly stuck between the airport and Peachtree Center without a car. Can someone tell me if the BBQ Kitchen near the Holiday Inn North is a fast food place, and or if it's tasty? I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. BBQ Kitchen near the Atlanta airport has a great breakfast. Good country ham and biscuits.

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      Thanks for the tip. I saw your post just in time to go in there and tried your recommendation.

      The country ham was delicious, lightly charred with crisp skin and sweet fat all attached to the savory lean ham! The Red eye gravy was clear broth poured over the ham. I used the fluffy, old fashion style biscuits to soak up some of the juice. Hash brown was made with very favorful potato in shreds that weren't mushy. I'm glad I got to eat there on my last day in Atlanta. Thanks again!