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Jan 16, 2007 03:56 PM

kaffir lime leaves: sources

I'm searching for them. I live near Westerly, Rhode Island and have been canvassing all the Asian grocery stores nearby with no results. The last time I asked (Lee's in New London) the owner said that there are issues (or even a ban) on getting them because of either a disease or infection scare. Has anyone heard of this?

*sigh* I used to live near Salt Lake and had a wonderful (and cheap) source of them and Thai Basil. It was worth living in the wackiness of Utah for that store (along with Navaho tacos and great Mexican food)

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  1. Last time I checked, I could get them at numerous Asian markets in the Elmwood/Southside parts of Providence. The easiest to locate is New Asian Market on Broad near Classical and Central High Schools, next to the Mcdonalds and Pho Paradise. I will try to remember to check the next time I'm in there, but they used to have plenty, and cheap. They also had just about every herb you'd ever want for Asian cooking

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      1. I go to Battambang Market in downtown Lowell, MA when I need these sorts of ingredients. It's supermarket-sized, and has everything you could ever want from SE Asia.

        Last time I was there, getting Kaffir Lime Leaves was no problem at all... Course, you might need to ask someone to help you find what you're looking for -- it isn't always translated to english right, or named something slightly different.

        Of course, that is a bit of a hike for you...

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