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Jan 16, 2007 03:48 PM

Recommendations for adventurous foodies, please!

I lived in Chicago a few years ago and am returning for a visit this weekend. I'd love some great recommendations for the best current restaurants. We are staying in Wrigleyville and we especially love cheap and ethnic, but are willing to pay $ and commute for delicious food. Thanks so much!

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  1. The Raw Bar in Wrigleyville on Clark street is a must! This place is way underrated! Plenty of incredible Persian and Egyptian spiced red meat, chicken, and seafood options. Cool atmosphere as well.

    Also check out Pancho Pistolas at 700 W. 31st street just east of Halsted in Brideport. The best Carne Asada in town. Lot's of other great choices as well. Nice exposed brick space with fun local crowd.

    Viceroy of India couple of blocks west of Western Avenue on Devon is outstanding. The Saag Paneer/creamed spinach with cheese, masala dosa/south indian stuffed pancake with potato, onion, and spices, tandoori chicken, curried chick peas, curried califlower and potato, etc, etc are standouts.

    1. Our favorite "adventure" in Chicago the last two trips has been Moto.

      Definitely not cheap, and not in Wrigleyville, but the most interesting dining experience we've had in the US.

      1. As for cheap and ethnic go to TAC - Thai Authentic Cuisine on Sheridan and Irving Park. Make sure to ask for the Thai translated menu.

        I second Moto, very creative (to say the least) and expensive.

        For amazing food at a great cost check out Sweets and Savories 8 incredible courses for $60.

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          For delicious food without the sky-high price tag of the "big name" places, go to One Sixty Blue, west of the Loop. The food is incredibly good, the atmosphere is very hip. VERY nice place, highly recommended.

          One Sixty Blue
          1400 West Randolph St.

        2. Thanks! Keep them coming...I'm writing all of these down...

          1. Well it's supposed to be freezing this weekend so bundle up!
            Since it's supposed to be cold, I'd get a nice big bowl of pho at Tank Noodle on Broadway and Argyle (red line stop - Argyle). That's cheap and ethnic and delicious. Also in that general area, I'd go to the Hopleaf Bar (Clark and Foster) and get some mussels, frites and some awesome beer and idle an evening away. Go early as it gets crowded. Also, that whole stretch of Andersonville has undergone a transformation in the last couple of years. You'd be surprised if you haven't been in a while. Lots of selection to choose from. On Sheridan and Argyle, there's a Mexican place - Riques Regional. It's not a storefront place, but it's BYOB and the food is generally very good. I like the chef alot. Saturdays you can get a pre-fixe meal from a certain region of Mexico for around $20 - app, entree, and desert

            TANK NOODLE
            HOPLEAF BAR
            Anywhere on the strip of Clark in Andersonville