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Jan 16, 2007 03:42 PM

Bachelorette Party Dinner

A bunch of us want to take our friend out to dinner for her bachelorette party. She's not much into the club scene so we were thinking a nice dinner at a place she's never been. Open to all areas of the city: North End, Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, etc. Probably be a grou of 10-15. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. We had 18 for my birthday dinner and my friend had a hard time finding a place that would accommodate us without doing some overpriced fixed menu. We ended up at Grotto and they did a great job. Other places that can accommodate a larger group are Stella, Sorellina, Davio's which all have fun bar areas.

    1. Well, as a North End guy, I'd recommend (for a party that size):

      La Galleria 33
      Mamma Maria's

      There are places I like as much or more, but they're smaller, and it'd be an uncomfortable seating situation. If that doesn't bother you:


      1. Consider Via Matta. They do a great job with a tasting menu for a large group. And I think they can seat 10-12 at the kitchen table, which I think would be fun.

        1. We went to Ivy in Downtown Crossing for my cousin's bachelorette party last spring. It was great for a large group because they do small plates that can be shared and the wine list is very reasonable.

          1. I went to one at Stella in the South End and it was perfect -- lively atmosphere with good energy, great food that appealed to everyone, and not too expensive.