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Bloody Mary Mix

scottrj12 Jan 16, 2007 03:41 PM

In your expert opinions, who makes the best bloody mary mix? I'm wanting to try something other than Mr. T's, which is all I could find at Vons. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

  1. r
    RicRios Jan 16, 2007 07:25 PM

    I love BM (no expert, though), hate pre-made mixes.
    The recipe below is very simple, no mix required:

    1 1/2 oz vodka
    3 oz tomato juice
    1 dash lemon juice
    1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
    2 - 3 drops Tabasco® sauce
    1 lime wedge

    Shake all ingredients (except lime wedge) with ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the wedge of lime and serve.


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    1. re: RicRios
      Greg Spence Jan 16, 2007 07:28 PM

      I don't know where you are or how widely it's distributed, but down here in Texas we have a brand called Zing Zang that's fantastic. It's got a good amount of Lea & Perrins in it, and just the right spice.

      1. re: Greg Spence
        deibu Jan 16, 2007 08:38 PM

        I second the Zing Zang recommendation. Many restaurants who use a bottled mix seem to prefer it as well.

        1. re: deibu
          CDouglas Jan 17, 2007 03:42 AM

          Agreed on the Zing Zang. If you have to buy a mix this is the best tasting one IMO.

      2. re: RicRios
        Infomaniac Jan 16, 2007 08:14 PM

        Looks good, but I like a little horseradish mixed in mine, and a celery stalk instead of the lime.

        1. re: Infomaniac
          laylag Jan 16, 2007 08:22 PM

          I'm with you, must have horseradish. For me there must be a sufficient amount to actually be able to feel the bits in your mouth.

        2. re: RicRios
          kloomis Jan 16, 2007 08:25 PM

          That recipe is about the same as mine, but no lime, add a bit of horseradish, and garnish with celery. I like to change it up by using Clamato juice or Spicy V-8.

          1. re: kloomis
            Infomaniac Jan 16, 2007 08:33 PM

            With Clamato juice, they call that a Bloody Caeser, and rimming the glass with celery salt.

            1. re: Infomaniac
              kloomis Jan 16, 2007 09:55 PM

              I thought so, but I wasn't sure if the b'tender that used to make them for me made it up.

        3. Pei Jan 17, 2007 12:27 AM

          Does anyone have a favorite tomato juice for this purpose, or is Safeway brand acceptable?

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          1. re: Pei
            CDouglas Jan 17, 2007 03:41 AM

            Sacramento tomato juice has been mentioned here and by Ina Garten as the best for Bloodies and other uses.

            1. re: CDouglas
              MakingSense Jan 20, 2007 02:10 AM

              An amazing number of good places use Sacramento. You see them emptying the cans into pitchers behind the bar.
              Why don't I see that brand in stores? Is it just available through food service companies?
              It's really good. Best texture of any.

              1. re: MakingSense
                CDouglas Jan 20, 2007 02:50 AM

                I don't remember seeing it in any grocery in Maryland. It is prevalent online - even Amazon sells it.

          2. hotoynoodle Jan 17, 2007 06:56 AM

            anywhere i've worked, i bring my "mud" recipe:

            black pepper
            celery salt
            worcestshire sauce

            mush 'em all up and put in a plastic container. lasts forever. you just add a heaping spoonful to tomato (or clamato) juice with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

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            1. re: hotoynoodle
              Pei Jan 17, 2007 03:50 PM

              Sounds great. Do you have very rough proportions? I can tweak it if you just give me a general sense of things. TIA.

              1. re: Pei
                hotoynoodle Jan 17, 2007 04:14 PM

                it's mostly horseradish and pepper. taste-test it and see how you like it. i prefer spicy, so am heavy-handed with the tabasco. it's just so convenient because unlike anything pre-mixed with juice, it basically will never spoil. open tomato juice has a very short shelf-life.

            2. t
              Tony Miller Jan 17, 2007 07:02 AM

              I make mine with Clamato, tequila, Worcestershire, lemon juice, Cholula sauce, black pepper, salted rim on the glass. Cucumber spear if it's available. Yum.

              1. grampart Jan 17, 2007 03:48 PM

                Since being turned to Major Peters Bloody Mary mix last summer, it's the only one I buy. Sometimes I do add a little horseradish, but it stands up well by itself.

                1. JugglerDave Jan 17, 2007 04:08 PM

                  Mrs. T's mix has an insane amount of Sodium in a can, like 1500mg.

                  1. SweetPhyl Jan 17, 2007 04:19 PM

                    I like lots of lemon juice and horseradish and, as a coastal girl, I rim the glass with Old Bay Seasoning. Yummers! I want one right now!

                    1. f
                      Fydeaux Jan 17, 2007 05:22 PM

                      I havent seen it around for a while, but Tobasco made a BM mix that I thought was very good. These days, I usually use V8 Caliente along with the usual spices, and I like to use Silver Sauza instead of vodka.

                      I dont know if this is a midwest-regional thing or not, but does anyone else use beer as an ingredient rather than as a chaser?

                      1. j
                        jackiecat Jan 20, 2007 12:40 AM

                        I think it's called red beer in the midwest, but I used to love it on a hot summer day in California.

                        1. c
                          chilled Jul 2, 2010 12:35 PM

                          Used to rate Zing Zang as my favorite but now I have to say Hoosier Momma has it beat...especially after some of the ice melts and you have added the volka...much better richer consistency...yummy!

                          1. Perilagu Khan Jul 2, 2010 12:51 PM

                            Used to be a mix called Stingray that was pretty good. Not the hottest stuff in the world, but it had a nice flavor, and it's easy enough to add your own heat.

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