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Jan 16, 2007 03:35 PM

Boston chowhound seeks San Diego eats

Hey there San Diego Chowhounds!

Will be in San Diego the last week of March for a conference and can spend $64/day on food and be reimbursed for every dollar. Staying at the Manchester Grand Hyatt on the waterfront and want recs for everything and anything within reasonable walking distance (B,L,D). Am adventurous in a culinary sense so thus, would not be averse to paying more on any given day, but still want to keep it sensible.

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  1. susi deli is cheap
    Point loma seafoods (not walking distance but worth it) is good
    most places in the Gaslamp are run of the mill
    Top o the Hyatt is expensive but great for happy hour

    1. That would be Sushi Deli, and though it's cheap, I prefer Kiyo's for sushi in the downtown area.

      You'll be close to Tin Fish for seafood, as well as The Fish Market. Cafe 222 is good for breakfast or lunch (they're not open for dinner). Dobson's would be a great choice for dinner. They have a wonderful lobster bisque, and make a mean martini. I've never had anything less than a very good meal there. Napa Grill and Panda Inn are in Horton Plaza, and are both pretty good. I've had good meals at Chive, and they make a decent drink. Be aware - it can get loud in there. All of these are within walking distance from your hotel. Enjoy your stay!