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Jan 16, 2007 03:33 PM

NYC Chowhound coming to San Francisco next week (First Time!)

I'm coming to San Francisco next week for the Fancy Food show - I am super excited as I have never been to San Francisco before! Can anyone please provide a few suggestions for a great dinner which would be pretty easily accessible from the convention center area? Also, I would love to visit some notable (or great up-and-coming) chefs' restaurants as I am producing a huge culinary event in NY this fall and am still looking for chefs to add to the roster.

Many thanks in advance to my fellow Chowhounders!!

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      1. Keep in mind that San Francisco is only 49 square miles in size. Manhattan, while only 20 square miles, is "longer." Cab rides are not that difficult -- especially for California!

        On the high-end, Restaurant Gary Danko is truly stunning. Masa's, too, though a bit more staid.

        In the "only in San Francisco" realm, Slanted Door is a classic! So, too, is the entire Ferry Building Marketplace , including Hog Island Oyster Co. , Taylor's Refresher and all the rest! There's also Piperade , Ame , A16 , Zuni Cafe , and . . . and . . . and . . .

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        1. re: zin1953

          Lordy mercy. Slanted Door is not "classic". It's a gimmick with decent food and great views. There's tons better retaurants in that fair city.

          YMMV, of course.

          1. re: uptown jimmy

            Definitely more Slanted Door haters than lovers on this board. I think the food's good and the wine list is great but I don't like anything else about it. Loved it in its original Valencia St. location.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Let's see . . . good food . . . great wine list . . . yeah that's certainly a place I want to avoid! ;^)

              Robert: I completely agree that the restaurant was outstanding while in the Mission, lost its way near PacBell Park, and is not as fine as it used be now that it's in the Ferry Bldg. I think it's a matter of getting too large for it's own good.

              That means -- to my way of thinking -- that there are more "disappointers" (I can use that word) than "haters." In other words, I don't know anyone that hates SD, merely people who preferred it when it was still in the Mission.

              But -- and this is key -- a) it's still good food; b) the person starting this thread has never been to San Francisco, period. They don't know from Valencia. And plenty of people I know from back east who've never been to SD before still find it wonderful.

              Thus, I recommend it.

              1. re: zin1953

                I find the atmosphere really unpleasant. Most of my favorite dishes I can get cheaper at Bodega Bistro.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Have to agree about Bodega Bistro. The Ferry Bldg is definitely worth a stop, but go to Hog Island instead of SD.

            2. re: uptown jimmy

              I have to agree with that. I have not been impressed with Slanted Door since their last location.

            3. re: zin1953

              Is Taylor's any good?

              I love sweet potato fries, and that white pistachio shake sounds good.

              Is it just a glorified Johnny Rockets? Cause that's how my midwest mind is picturing it. Someone set the record straight for me. Thanks.

              1. re: bakeryqueen

                Yes - not anything close to JR; not chain-like, though they are now in the city as well in St. Helena. The garlic fries are delicious. Burgers are good, and shakes are really thick and rich. It's the slowest fast food you may ever enjoy. The original location is the best, particulary on a warm, sunny day.

                1. re: bakeryqueen

                  BTW, Taylors Refresher is owned by a family that is well invested in the wine industry as well.

              2. I agree that you ought not to limit yourself to the convention center area - cabs are fast and easy.

                Foreign Cinema - Mission
                La Folie - Russian Hill
                Jardinere - Civic Center