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Jan 16, 2007 03:27 PM

haitian mushrooms (djon djon) in LA?

i teach cooking classes, and a student of mine grew up in haiti, and is trying to recreate a dish from her childhood. its mushroom rice, but apparently key to the flavor is the tiny mushrooms from haiti. i have exhausted my sources, and while i believe they cannot be found fresh in so cal, i would be delighted to be proven wrong! failing that, anyone know if dried djon djons can be found anywhere? thanks for any help on this!

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  1. I think you might be out of luck. My husband's family lived in Haiti for a few years and his mother has always looked for Djon Djon in the states. The closest she ever got was getting these flavor cubes made by Maggi at this international market in Maryland. We have looked online and never found them. You might see if you can find them online somewhere. Or try calling TiGeorges Chicken to see if they have a lead for you. Good luck!

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      According to this post, they seem to be not uncommon on the east coast:

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        Hello CarlieInLA,
        Happy Thanksgiving!
        Can you please provide the name or more detailed information on the international market in Maryland? I live in DC and I need the djon djon cubes to make dinner this week.
        Thank you!

      2. it's just a shot in the dark, but have the student call up Ti' Georges on glendale blvd in Los Angeles and speak to the owner or chef there, preferably in Creole. They serve haitian food and may have contacts or purveyors or simply friends who bring stuff in after visiting home.

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          thanks to both who suggested this. i took a look at their menu, and it doesn't mention the mushroom rice, so i figured they don't have a supplier either. but i think i will take your suggestions and least i will know it's a dead end if they can't get them!

        2. It's very common in NY. I just moved here from NYC and my Mom uses it all the time. Maybe it can be sent from the East Coast.

          1. And apparently this place on South La Brea Ave serves it - La Belle Creole

            1. My parents are sending some from Florida so let me know if you want me to get you some.

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                I would love to get some djon djon mushrooms in any way possible if you could help. I have been searching everywhere for them.

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                  I brought some from haiti, give me a call I will give you some: 401-232-0199 providence Computer resources, Inc. or providencecr point com.