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Jan 16, 2007 03:21 PM

Crosnes in the Bay Area? (aka Japanese artichokes, Chinese artichokes, knotroot and Chorogi)

In a General Topic thread someone mentioned that a new-to-them food they tried was crosnes.

Who sells it in the Bay Area? Is it seasonal? Any restaurants serve it?

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    1. I'm assuming you never found them. Maybe someone has knows under one of the other names. In that General Board thread it said they were grown in California and the California version was superior to the French product. I gotta assume they are sold somewhere though maybe not in under that name.

      Also, if there is a market that sells them it would be a help to know about where they are located ... like next to the ginger or near the radishes.

      1. I've been looking in all the standard places and farmer's markets. I know what they look like. Nothing.

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          Monterey Market. In the mushroom area.

        2. Peter Jacobsen in Yountville apparently grows some for the French Laundry.

          1. We can get them at the Southern California markets. Grown by two organic farmers. Tasty.