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Jan 16, 2007 03:04 PM

Fried Chicken - Twin Cities

Any recs for great fried chicken (not just wings) in the Twin Cities? I've tried a few places in St. Paul (Rooster's, Lee & Dee's, Hickory Hut), but I know there must be so much more out there.

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  1. I absolutely WON'T vouch for it, but there's a new chicken and waffles place in, I think, Block E. Go at your own risk, but please report back!

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    1. re: Loren3

      It's actually on 1st Ave, next to the former Daddy Rocks/South Beach, etc. Haven't heard anything on it yet though.

    2. I haven't been happy with Roosters, overrated I think, although it is really cheap. Just a little farther down the street on Randolph is Skinners, whose fried chicken I much prefer. It's very salty, but they serve it with jojo's and Texas Toast and it really satisfies my fried chicken urge. It's pretty cheap too--and Skinner's often has coupons floating about if you're on the look-out for them. Skinner's nachos also look very impressive, though I've never tried them.

      EDIT--one thing that might improve the Roosters, experience by the way, is to only call ahead and order it, so all you have to do is run in, pay for it, and leave so that you can minimize the amount of time you spend IN the restaurant. If you have to do any amount of waiting for your order in the restaurant, you'll leave feeling you've been misted with grease. It's been impossible for me to appreciate eating the fried chicken when I'm sitting there feeling icky because of the greasy smell in my hair and clothes. Also, the fries are really substandard there, so bad that you might as well ask them to not even bother giving them to you even when they come "free" with your bucket of chicken.


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        TDQ--- I couldn't agree with you more about Roosters. I've never understood the good buzz around the place. I find their chicken to be just barely a step up from the fried chicken you get at the deli counters at most supermarkets. It's too bad-- I keep going back once or twice a year, hoping it will be better then I remembered.

        Thanks for the tip on Skinner's. I think you've mentioned them in other posts, and it's one of those place's I've driven by for years but never been to. I think I just might check out that chicken dinner tonight.

        Uncle Ira

        1. re: Uncle Ira

          Oh, I hoped you liked it. It's one of those, "I don't know if I'd cross town for it, but if I'm in the neighborhood..." kinds of places. And certainly, if you're en-route to Roosters, I'd keep going a few more blocks and go to Skinner's instead, although, I don't know if they do the big buckets of take-out the way Roosters does.

          Also, I should have mentioned when I say "fried" I think it's pressure-cooker deep-fried. I always find that the pressure-cooker frying results in a texture that's not as appealing as regular fried chicken.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            TDQ--- I did try Skinner's last night and enjoyed it. While it isn't anything "special", it's clearly a step or two up from Rooster's and it's the kind of place you're glad to know about in the neighborhood. I'm quite sure you're right about it being pressure fried, and I agree that that's somehow less satisfying. But for now I think it's more then tasty enough to keep me coming back.

            Have you ever tried the pizza there? I noticed they have a 7 inch "personal size". That's always a nice option for someone like me who lives and eats alone..

            Uncle Ira

            1. re: Uncle Ira

              Although I haven't had the chicken at Skinner's I would give the pizza the same endorsement. Good, but nothing special.

        2. re: The Dairy Queen

          I keep loving the crispiness (crispy but not molten) and juiciness of Roosters and wishing the flavor was better. Sigh.

          I'll have to try Skinners' chicken - although I have to say I haven't been very impressed with my other experiences at Skinners (a blah reuben and Sysco-esque nachos).

          1. re: diesel

            Oh no! You've dashed my hopes about the nachos! They looked like they could be very hearty. Oh well. I'll just stick to the fried chicken. By the way, Skinner's fried chicken isn't fast--plan on a 20 minute wait.


          2. re: The Dairy Queen

            Roosters pulled pork is excellent. That said, I haven't tried the chicken.

          3. The chicken and waffles at the NE Bulldog is good. Not great.

            1. Some of the best in St Paul I have found in at Scroeders ( front and dale) or the country side( sneiling and country road c) I haven't been but I have also heard great things about a place call Pop's( reviewed by city pages) on the east side

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              1. re: liney714

                Sadly, Pop's closed a couple of months ago.

                1. re: KTFoley

                  update on pop's-- the doors have not been unlocked for several months, it changed hands-- i think 3 times since november-- and now apparently it will be called "the secret door family cafe." the soupkitten family is willing to take one for the team and report on the new pop's when it opens.

              2. Yes. The Coop on 3rd Av and Southview in South St. Paul. It's an institution in SSP and makes some darn good fried chicken. The ribs are tender and tasty if not excessively sauced but certainly not what The Coop is known for. Don't bother with the Coneys either. Stick to the chicken.

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                1. re: Sven

                  I realize this is five years later, but I can vouch for the Coop as well. They do a bang-up job if you're willing to wait a bit. It's a small establishment that has less seating than MPLS' Band Box, but the chicken is quite good.