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Jan 16, 2007 02:59 PM

sri lankan on staten island


Which is the best Sri Lankan restaurant on Staten Island for a group of people? I found at 04 thread in which a number of people said that New Asha was great, but I heard that it is mostly for takeout. Is there a good place that would serve a bigger group (7-8 people) and is more a sit-down place?


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  1. HI there, The best Sri Lankan restaruant for what your looking for is on Victory BLVD, in the ST george, new brighton area...of course the name has escaped me!! Ill get back to you

    1. Does anyone know if Lakruwana is closed? I have heard it was closed, and also heard it was not closed. If anyone else has any recent news on the Sri Lankan restaurants on Staten Island, I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to organize a group outing there Sunday, and I don't want to bring them to a nonexistent restaurant!

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        This might help. You should also phone the restaurants (including Lakruwana... it may have reopened at a new location)

      2. Lakruwana is definitely not closed. I went there a week ago Sunday. They are on Bay St., one block past the Victory Blvd. intersection. Although not huge, they could definitely accommodate 8 people. I would guess the total dining room capacity is about 20. If you go on Sunday, they have the buffet. It's quite a deal at $10. I am not sure if you can order separately off the menu when the buffet is being served, but I think it might be possible, because when we were there last Sunday, a guy was eating what looked to be the Lamprias, which was definitely not on the buffet table.

        1. Bumping this up, because eating Sri Lankan has been put on my must list for my upcoming visit to NYC. Any new intelligence on this subject? Can any one venture an opinion or educated guess on which is the most down-home authentic Sri Lankan on Staten Island (or Manhattan)?

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            If you're in the Flushing Main Street area, it might be worth it for you to check out Bownie, at 14305 45th Avenue, just a few paces north of Bowne Street. It is decidedly off the beaten path, in an area that constitutes a small cluster of South Indian venues and Hindu temples (the much ballyhooed Dosa Hutt is about a block and a half away), so it is doubtful that this small, dark storefront diner is catering to anyone other than Sri Lankans and South Indians. I have hit Bownie a few times during extended lunch hours, and have enjoyed food that packs a tremendous amount of heat and flavor. That said, I admittedly don't have a basis for comparison, as there are precious few Sri Lankan places in the city. (Have heard wonderful things about New Asha, on Staten Island, however) Anyhow, please report back on your findings.

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              yeah, there is a newish sri lankan called SRI LUCK next door to ch fav NEW ASHA on victory. i have been meaning to try it, but it might be too hard to do with NEW ASHA right there! ps -- LAKRUWANA is def still open.

              1. re: Gary Soup

                I don't know if you've visited New York yet. But as a Sri Lankan my recommendation is that if you are in manhattan go to Sigiri. It's 91 First Avenue, the food here is excellent. However if you are looking for a place on staten island and want to get more of the dining experience i would go with Larkruwana. The food is good and they decorated nicely. And like stated above the buffet on Sunday is a deal. However as far as I know when they serve buffet they don't allow orders off the regular menu I think on occasion they'll make exceptions for regulars. But no harm in trying. I personally don't care for New Asha's because it has more of a fast food take out feel. At least thats what I remember from the last time I went there.

              2. Hi all. I'm bumping this up, because I'm also organizing a group outing (tentatively 10 pple) to Staten Island for Sri Lankan food. I've tried calling SanRasa (formerly Lakruwana?) but nobody picked up. Will SanRasa be better for a group dinner than New Asha? Are there any others I should consider? Should I make reservations? Are they all within walking distance from the ferry terminal?

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                  They're all within walking distance (max. 1/2 hour). Yes, SanRasa is the former Lakruwana. One time for lunch, I went with a friend and had the most wonderful vegetarian thing...navratan korma, I think. My friend's dish was also pronounced excellent. A later time, thought I was ordering the same thing but it was not nearly so good, maybe a different menu item.

                  Anyway, yes, SanRasa is much nicer for a group than New Asha. It's larger, quieter, with nice place settings, and closer to the ferry. I don't always get the enthusiasm for New Asha, but then I've only had take-out from them. Almost everything there is sitting in a steam table. Not sure why steam tables are tolerated for Indian/Sri Lankan food, yet people would howl if you served French or Italilan that way. Maybe because the prep is so involved?

                  P.S. There is yet another Sri Lankan place right next door to New Asha, a little nicer looking, but I've not been there. It's still quite small.

                  1. re: yt28

                    I used to live around the corner from New Asha. It's good, but really a takeout place, and probably not destination worthy. Sanrasa is more of a sit-down restaurant, better for a group, and closer to the ferry. You could walk there in less than ten minutes.

                    1. re: Semele

                      Another thing to remember about SanRasa is that one day a week (I think it's Sunday) there is a one-price buffet on offer. I don't know if they suspend menu ordering when there is a buffet. That may affect your plans for visiting. You might try calling again.

                      While it was owned by Lakruwana, I went for the buffet, and I suspect you'll be better off ordering from the menu. Buffet items tend to be just the most popular and common things, anyway.

                      1. re: comestible

                        I ate here for the buffet on sunday and it was amazing. Excellent selection, great price and very nice people. Very close to the ferry as Semele mentioned. When you leave the terminal, just go left about 4 or 5 blocks

                        San Rasa
                        226 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301

                        1. re: bigjeff

                          Thanks for this, Jeff, I'll have to give the buffet another try.

                    2. re: yt28

                      yt28, just bumping this up to ask if you and your group ever did the buffet at SanRasa. If so, would you care to post your reactions or review?

                      1. re: comestible

                        We went on a Saturday night for dinner, so we didn't try the buffet. However, we had a wonderful experience at SanRasa. We managed to try almost everything on the menu and the lamprie was the favorite, followed by the pitu and hoppers. Everything was beautifully presented, the service was attentive, and the chef even came out at the end to give our birthday girl some dessert. The only time I had Sri Lankan before SanRasa was at Sigiri's in Manhattan - and this is by far a lot better.

                        1. re: comestible

                          hi comestible, I was looking for a review that I thought I wrote, but can't seem to find it. went there for the buffet (only on sunday aft) after running a race that morning, so it was perfect. they had a chicken-in-rice dish, sorta like a biryani, an excellent curry with hard boiled eggs and chicken, maybe another beef dish? they had many many vegetable dishes, hot and cold; a hot eggplant dish that was cooked quite spicy, a mellow spinach and potato dish, a beet dish that was quite good, a chickpea stew and a few more. they also had some cold salads that tasted vaguely russian (a cabbage slaw, and also a simple tomato/onion one like a fresh salsa). there was also a kheer-like pudding as well as something sorta rasmalai/rasgulla. and there were some flatbreads somewhat like papadam and a lotta sauces as well. overall, really really delicious, different textures, different flavors, and very nice folks there as well.

                          sorry for the lack of better description, it was a few months ago, but, I will still hunt down where I wrote that review. you should just check it out!

                        2. re: yt28

                          Definitely go for Sanrasa. The buffet on Sun $10 after 12PM is well worth the price. There's plenty to try. And the decor is much nicer for a group gathering. It was previously a French restaurant with exposed brickface.
                          I've done the $7.95 lunch a couple of times, and even though $7.95 is a tad high for lunch on the island, you get a lot of food. Try the mutton one day! yummy.

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                            I'll definitely try it soon. I wanted to go last Sunday night but they were having a private party there. Another time.

                            I do know the a la carte menu and, as I think I wrote earlier, my dining partner and I LOVED the food the day we had lunch there.

                            1. re: comestible

                              pretty sure its only a lunch buffet, 12 to 5pm or maybe even 12 to 3pm.

                              1. re: bigjeff

                                I finally got to the Sunday buffet last week. Wow, I was impressed by how many vegetarian selections there were! At least six. A beet dish, cabbage dish, spinach-and-potato dish, mild dal, whole eggs in spicy tomato sauce, chickpea in tomato sauce dish, onion and citrus salad. Plus two rice dishes, two spicy condiments (is this sanbar?) and a mild custard. For carnivores, there were three selections.

                                I was very pleased. The cabbage dish was most intriguing cooked dish; the onion and citrus salad kind of revelatory for me as a combination. Everything was very good. How fortunate we are that this area of Staten Island is becoming so interesting!

                                1. re: comestible

                                  that sounds about right! glad you had a good time; the food is definitely different, glad the setup is basically the same and glad you finally hit it up!