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Jan 16, 2007 02:37 PM

Austin to Santa Fe

I am driving from Austin to Santa Fe. 290 to I10, I10 to Fort Stockton, then 285 through Roswell and Carlsbad to Santa Fe. This strikes me as a food waste land. Are there any good places to eat along the way?

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  1. I think I would choose a different route from Austin to Santa Fe. I would probably go through Lubbock to Clovis, NM where I would eat at the Guadalajara mexican restaurant or Foxy's Drive-In which has excellent taquitos, burgers, steak fingers. You could then drive Clovis to Albuquerque. In Albuquerque you could stop at the Frontier restaurant on Central Ave. for western style hashbrowns, a cinnamon role...whatever, they have great green chili, wonderful "stew" (NM cooked salsa) that you serve up yourself, and yummy burritos, and it's not too far off I-40. Also, I think this way might be shorter.

    1. I SECOND the Frontier in ABQ!!! Right across Central Ave. from UNM, it is a must-stop for me. In Roswell, we actually had a very good Italian meal at a place on the west side of the highway in the heart of town!!! The name escapes me, but you can't miss it. Also several good breakfast taco spots in Roswell...I asked at the Fedex office for a recommendation and got three.

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        I agree with the Frontier! If you miss Holiday House hamburgers in Austin (R.I.P.), the Frontier cheeseburger and onion rings are clones of HH.

      2. If you go through Amarillo (which is more on my way to SF than it is on your way), there are some great Lao places on Rt 66. They're all little holes-in-the-wall, but really good (who would think Amarillo would have so many Laotians?).

        Outside of Santa Fe, try Bobcat Bites and/or Harry's Roadhouse.

        If you go through ABQ, stop in Bernalillo at the Range Cafe for their stacked enchiladas.

        1. Let me amend my post. We got three recommendations from the folks at FEDEX in Roswell...we went right across the street from there and the breakfast tacos were VERY GOOD...

          1. I'll second massman regarding dinner in Roswell. We ate at a European place on the west side of 285. IIRC my wife had something Italian and I had something German. Check the yellow pages, I think it was a mile or so south of the Hampton Inn.