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Jan 16, 2007 02:16 PM

Manhattan with tightwads

hi, my husband's a brit and some of his british/irish/german pals are coming over for a few nights. only problem is that they are tight as hell and don't like to part with money for food, which drives me nuts because i like to eat and am not adverse to throwing some cash around for something yummy, though am happy munching down at katz's deli or somewhere similar. anyhow, i've been *told* that i must play nice and go along with the crowd, which i can definitely do. these guys are going to want to be washing down huge amounts of beer - which, again, i can totally get behind. any ideas for reasonable boozers with halfway decent food?


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  1. Momofuku Ssam - went there last friday night. Delicious. You can definitely eat for cheap and beer goes great with their food. This is a new favorite for me and my wife.

    1. Any Irish bar -- lots of beer, lots of wings

      1. ok, as regards the irish bar, what is with irish/brits who travel abroad only to attempt to suss out that which is utterly familiar to them? in fairness, americans do the same thing.

        1. Lederhosen, a VERY reasonably priced German beer bar & restaurant in the west village has a lot of good stuff. Pitchers of beer around $10-$12, bratwursts (and several other delicious sausages) are around $4. They also have traditional lunch and dinner entrees in the $10+ range. It's the perfect place for a group looking for beer :)

          39 grove st, between bleecker and bedford. Across from the pink teacup.

          1. The current state of the dollar means your guests might even find Le Bernardin cheap. Bear that in mind.