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Jan 16, 2007 02:11 PM

cooking classes in india

I am planning a trip to India in March and would love to take a cooking class or two. I'm not interested in a full "culinary tour" of the country or a long stay at a Kerala resort with classes though I've seen lots of these advertised. We'll be there for a wedding and will need to fit in the cooking classes with a full roster of other events! Right now we're planning to be in Mumbai, Delhi and possibly one other city. Can anyone recommed a class or at least tell me where to start looking?

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  1. Sorry, this is not a recomendation but a suggestion. You may want to post your question on Thorntree (

    1. This is not as trodden a path as you would think it was. Maybe because, in India, cooking is mostly done in the home and there are a lot of religious strictures around it in terms of who is allowed in a proper kitchen, etc.

      that said, Ive heard of the following places where one might have cooking lessons - I am sure there are others and that if you stay in homestays, heritage accomodations, etc they might be arranged elsewhere:
      *Nimmy Paul in Kerala -
      *also in Kerala but this time the muslim keeralan cuisine, *Ayisha Manzil, a heritage hotel in Telicherry -cooking and accomodations here are reputed to be very special - here is a blog entry about it http://traveling.inthekitchenwithlisa...
      *intrepid tours out of Australia offers personalized culinary tours from Delhi to Goa - could do pieces of this, I think - they start with classes at Bajaj Homestay in Delhi.
      *The lady at Delhi Bed and Breakfast in New Delhi offers cooking and shopping classes.
      *The Spice Box in Udaipur is run by a chef and offers day-long cooking classes, Ive heard good reports.
      *in Bundi, Rajasthan - RK Haveli Guest House, a simple family guest house, Ive heard reports the proprietress will demonstrate/teach some cooking in an informal way (if you search online you will see some accounts of a visit here
      )*As previously mentioned, some heritage hotels will offer a class or demonstration if you ask - for example Rohet Garh in Rajasthan (near Jodhpur) is known for this

      good luck, and I hope you will post back as you find out more

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        Thank you for all this wonderful information! Clearly I need to do a little more research before our trip so I can at least identify some of the major different types of Indian cuisine. I see I have some work cut out for me. Again, thanks.

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          Iam living in Tanzania and am relly interestang in taking baking classes in INDIA , and i would like to start as soon as posible perhaps this DECEMBER OR EARLY JANUARY. Can anyone recomend a SCHOOL for me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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