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Jan 16, 2007 02:11 PM

Reisterstown Area - Sonny Lee's? Mia Carolina?

Anyone been to either of these restaurants? What do you think? I'm going to both in the next month and am wondering what to expect. Thanks!

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  1. Mia Carolina is one of my favorite restaurants. I had a large dinner party there and the food was fresher than anything I have ever tasted. The waitor was a pleasure and the busboys were quick, accessible and polite. Its an italian restaurant that looks plain from the outside but its a treasure in the inside!
    Sonny Lees is probabbly the best chinese restaurant in town. Its extremely upscale for a chinese restaurant. Its a posh laid back atmosphere. The waitors can speak english and are very easy to understand. Its expensive but definetly worth it!

    1. Both of these places are great! THe home made bread at Mia Carolina may be the best I've EVER had! ( Save room for the entree....if you can !) Definitely a "hidden treasure" as one of the best Italian restaurants in the Balto. area !

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        Went to Mia Carolina for lunch tody when I was in the Reisterstown area: what a great place! Lobster bisque: silky, rich and resh tasting, with little lumps of still tender lobster. Insalata Pavarotti: very good salad with roasted veggies, plum tomato, kalamatas and roasted veggies. The only fault to me was that it was served a bit too cold. Pizza funghi i formaggio: yummy gooey strong goat and mozz cheeses, and portabella mushrooms with no tomato sauce to disrupt the taste. Pleasant, timely service too.