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Jan 16, 2007 01:43 PM

Perbacco question - corkage policy and cost?

Planning a group dinner there, and have searched the board, Perbacco's site and sfgate.com food section to no avail. Anyone know how much corkage is @ Perbacco, and if they comp a corkage charge for every bottle you purchase off the menu?

I'm too impatient to wait until they open to call, plus I figure the info would be of value to other CH'ers. Thanks for any assistance.

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    1. re: chaddict

      Thanks! Weird, when I did a search using keywords for Perbacco on the Food section of SFGate, nothing came up. Guess they haven't updated their database yet, as I was able to find the Bauer review now (but it's still not coming up as of yet when you do a keyword search).

      Still wondering if Perbacco comps corkage if you buy a bottle off their wine list.

      1. re: Eugene Park

        At places that do that, it's almost always an informal policy.

    2. The email listed on their one-page Opentable.com description is the owner's. Shot him an email and maybe he can tell you about comped corkage. He is a great guy.

      1. Beyond the price for corkage, some places have limits on the number of bottles or on bringing in wine that is on the list. I suggest calling ahead in every case.

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        1. re: monday

          I do check on limits (not trying to bring in a case or two). As for wine on the list, it's pretty rare when I run into a resto that has wine I'm planning to bring in. My cellar is nowhere near as extensive as a Rubicon or Bacar, but I do have a good amount of "quality" reds that rarely show up on only the lists of the bigger restos with deep cellars.

          I'm planning to bring some '97 Pahlmeyer merlot that's been tempting me for way too long.....=-D

          Thanks to everyone for the advice and suggestions in this thread. Cheers!

        2. Went last night and can confirm they comp a corkage fee for each bottle purchased off their wine list. Don't know what the limit may be.

          The '97 Pahlmeyer was a monster (in an awesome way).