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Jan 16, 2007 01:00 PM

Virginia Hound headed to Budapest....

Been to Budapest before and fairly familiar with the city. Will be staying in the castle district last week in May first week in June. Anything new or note worthy? I would like to visit Gundel I know I know touristy but is it really one of those not to miss restaurants?

Any other suggestions for Budapest? Also traveling to Eger, Kecskemet, Tokaj regions. Any recomendations food, wine or market related would be great.


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  1. Go to Gundel!!!! My DH and I want to go back to Budapest just to eat at Gundel again. We also really enjoyed Cafe Pierrot (sp?) on the Buda side.

    1. I would have to agree that you should go to Gundel. Touristy,
      but not obnoxiously so. Seared foi gras, pate de fois gras,
      goulash, other Hugarian dishes, good wine list, very good service, and ambiance. A septet of string musicians entertained us. Contrary to the advise given by Lonely Planet, when the musicians take special requests, they DO expect to be tipped. Another diner requested "Flight of the Bumblebee" (Rimsky-Korsakov), which was so beautiful that it nearly silenced the restaurant.

      Find a bath house that appeals to you and take time to enjoy
      the experience. It's a family friendly and popular Hungarian

      I will try to find the name of the catacomb wine shop at the
      top of the hill that specializes in Hungarian & Austrian wines.

      Take a subway ride on vintage cars still in use.


      1. Thanks for the responses and would love to hear anymore ideas. Sounds like Gundel is going to go on the list.

        Keep those ideas coming!


        1. Agree that Gundel is a lot of fun. Sure, it's remarkably touristy but the food is good, service excellent, and you can get foie gras in what seemed like 18 different ways. I thought the duck was slightly disappointing so I'd recommend not ordering that.

          But on a pure chow level the place that I was most impressed by was Carne di Hall. It's a very attractive, cellar-like space located on the Buda side, mere steps from the Art 'Otel. We just happened on it because it was so close to our hotel and had just arrived tired that evening. But I think the fact that I recall so vividly what I had this summer speaks volumes for the quality. I started with a delicious goose liver app, and my wife had a very refined Goulash. For my main, I had perfectly cooked venison resting on a nice jus, with potato "donuts", a gorgeous piece of basil, and a gingery, peach and root vegetable compote on the side. My wife had a perfectly cooked duck breast. All that, and a beautiful Hungarian wine probably came to around a 100 dollars or so. Incredible value by North American standards (and quite a bit cheaper than Gundel for the record).

          If you want a nice cheap option, check the restaurant at the Art 'Otel as well - they offer prix fixe specials that rotate weekly. What's on offer varies quite a bit, so it may or may not appeal to you but if it does, you can't beat the price.

          1. Unless budget is no consideration and seeking more international food, the sister restaurant to Gundel, very next to it, is more Magyar.