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Jan 16, 2007 12:44 PM

Great chow in Oviedo???

Hey, I'm headed to Oviedo this weekend and understand that what I have to go for are mariscadas, fabada, sidra and cheese. Any ideas on restaurants in particular? They don't even have to be typical asturian places, just if anyone has any favorite little place they like to go. And although my Rough Guide recommends the sidrerias around the cathedral, I have generally had iffy experiences with places in touristy areas. Is this really a good zone for tapeo, cheese chowing and cider slinging or is there perhaps a better area?
Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you!

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  1. Mercado El Fontan is worth spending some time looking, and tasting. "El Raitan" was quite disappointing to me, on our one, dinner-time visit in October, 2002. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. There are some nice bars nearby, one on the Cathedral plaza had good pastries and an entertaing Irish waiter. (then)
    Overall, we found Oviedo a delightful place, although difficult to navigate in a car.

    1. Oviedo in January is not going to be overrun with tourists, so no worries there.
      Eat as much fabada as you can. At the high end, there's Casa Fermín. I don't
      remember the names of any of the other places I ate in Oviedo, sorry. But it
      shouldn't be too hard to find fabada, it's everywhere.