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Jan 16, 2007 12:38 PM

Greenwich this Saturday for lunch, dinner and nightlife...

We are taking advantage of a great deal through the Hyatt Regency Greenwich and will be spending the day in Old Greenwich this coming Saturday. I've done some research on Chowhound and wanted to get some updated opinions. I was thinking Little Thai for luch but don't know about dinner. Also, we are open to other ideas for lunch as well. The lady doesn't like seafood unfortunately, nor does she like game. Other than that we are open to pretty much any suggestions. Price-wise $30 for lunch and $100 for dinner total would be nice and of course the cheaper the better as long as the food is good. We are clueless as far as nightlife is concerned, just looking for a decent bar to hit up for a few really. Any ideas? Also, is there any food not to miss or any excellent pizza, dogs, or pastries to grab as a snack that are excellent?
PS. Any ideas for things to do in Greenwich would be greatly appreciated too.

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  1. A couple of options. On that side of town, lunch at the Beach House Cafe in Old Greenwich would be nice. Especially if it continues this unseasonably warm weather and you can sit outside.

    If you want nightlife, there isn't a ton in Greenwich. I'd suggest having dinner somewhere on or near Greenwich Ave (ideas: Gaia, Mediterraneo, Terra are on the Ave, Asiana or Barcelona are nearby) and then having a drink at one of the bars on Greenwich Ave.

    For things to do during the day -- if the weather is nice, walk around the beach at Tod's Point at the tip of Old Greenwich. Shop along Greenwich Ave. The Bruce Museum is in downtown Greenwich.

    1. Don't know why I didn't mention this earlier -- Stamford (and maybe So Norwalk?) have much more to offer in the nightlife arena. Stamford has a number of bars all located in the downtown Broad St/Summer St. area.

      1. You'll be very close to Baang! which is quite good and has a nice, lively (albeit loud) atmosphere for a dinner. It's on the post road in Greenwich.

        You'll want to do Greenwich Ave at some point, as lisette mentioned. A lunch at Barcelona at the top would probably be good. I'm not a huge fan of most of the restaurants there, but there was a good discussion of places in that immediate area just a month ago. You can find it here:

        Actually, in re reading that thread, for a lighter, interesting lunch, you may want to try Meli Melo. A little french creperie, with great crepes (of course) as well as excellent soups, etc. If it's warm enough, their ice cream is superb.

        As to night life... I'm a bad person to comment. I'm sure others will, but as lisette mentioned, Stamford and Norwalk seem to have more of it going on.

        1. I agree with adamclyde comment on Baang, it's also pretty close to the Hyatt.

          Nightlife in greenwich is an oxymoron. Take your palm, place over your mouth and yawn.

          You can combine two items, fun food and nightlife by going to Barcelona in South Norwalk around 9PM. Also movie theatre across the street so if you do a 7pm movie, walk across the street to Barcelona, at 9-930'ish it starts to hop. It was voted best bar in FFD county. The food is fantastic, meets your budgetary requirements (assuming reasonableness on booze).

          Stamford has some interesting bars in the Summer/Broad St area, but not the two together.


          1. Thank you so much for all of the information. Are there any places within, say, a 15 minute drive of the Hyatt that would be worth going to outside of Greenwich for dinner? Also, what's the deal with Little Thai, not a chowhound favorite?

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              Little Thai Kitchen is my favorite suburban Thai restaurant...I'd go so far as to say that it's one of the few Thai restaurants around that reminds me of the food I had during a monthlong stay in Thailand. BYOB is a great bonus.