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Jan 16, 2007 08:13 AM

Almas golden caviar - a lavish folly at $11,000/lb for food fetishists

Sure, you can buy the whole 1kg tin(that would be 35 oz.)of this albino sturgeon caviar which comes with a 24K gold can. A keepsake which guarantees your bragging rights forever, that you've spent an obscene amount of money on fish roe. The kind of money you could pay for a year's tuition with.

Chowhounds wouldn't fall for such profligacy, or would they?

Almas is an extreme example, but conspicuous consumption goes on all the time in varying degrees, and chowhounds, too, are only human.

Example of what you think is conspicuous consumption, not a quest for good food.

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  1. I think that gourmet coffee from Sumatra, Kopi Luwak,that comes from the excrement of marsupials who eat the beans is CC. It costs $75-100 per lb., and people who taste it say it tastes "rich"

    I think they just like to brag about how much they paid for, you know, excrement....

    1. Almas caviar - $11,000/lb or about $700/oz.
      Gold - about $600/oz.

      Good thing I don't care about gold either - it doesn't taste good!

      1. Links for dummies:

        Caviar House & Prunier Restaurant Paris
        16 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris, Île-de-France 75116, FR

        Caviar House & Prunier Boutique & Restaurant
        161 Piccadilly, London, Greater London W1J 9, GB