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Jan 16, 2007 07:01 AM

Going to the Lobster in Santa Monica...what do I order

hey folks, I have a dinner at the lobster in santa monica...
what do I order:
I need an appetizer
I need an entree
I need a happy ending...

reply ASAP.

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  1. For the happy ending, order someone else to pay the bill.

    1. Order the steamed maine lobster.

      Order the spinach

      order the fries.

      if they have sahimi or tuna tartar as an appetizer, order that!

      1. Funny, Mateo! I've had far too many meals at The Losbter (client fave--they never want to go anywhere else!), but have managed to pick out a few items on the menu that are fairly reliable.

        Appetizer~Lobster Salad w/ sweet corn & tarragon pancakes or oysters if they have them. Occasionally, we order some of the entree crabcakes to share or the fries with truffle oil.
        Entree~the Wild Salmon, Scallops or Halibut. I've never enjoyed any of the lobster entrees.
        Dessert~I like dessert although I usually pass when I'm at The Lobster. I do recall sharing a chocolate bread pudding a while back and a some chocolate cupcake thing that weren't too bad, but obviously not real memorable.

        Enjoy the view!

        1. I recently had the special grilled spiny lobster. Sooo very delicious. It was grilled with herb and lemon butter, and so succulent, it was one of the best lobster dishes I ever had.

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