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Jan 16, 2007 06:39 AM

"Beef Chuck Short Ribs Bnls" ??

Bought a couple of pounds of this 'cut' today at my local Albertsons in the on sale meat Dept. I've never seen/heard of this in my 60+ years of shopping/cooking/eating, but figured for the money the least I'd end up with would be a decent stew meat. I'd appreciate any other ideas from anyone who may be familiar with this item.

I DO wish there were "naming" standards for cuts of meat!

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  1. I have used short rib recipes for this. Also pot roast recipes. Particularly I like it braised in red wine.

    1. I'd probably use them in soups and to throw in the meat sauce pot.

      1. We will eat this same cut of meat tonight, prepared with the porter/rosemary/maple syrup recipe that went around here a couple months ago. My supermarket meat manager says they don't carry traditional "with bone" short ribs anymore since "nobody wants them" (though he did offer to order them for me). The first time I made this recipe I made a special trip to a small specialty store to get ones with bones. This time I was lazy and just bought what they had at the supermarket. Will let you know how it turns out.

        Do these have *anything* to do with "real" short ribs?

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          have to say, they came out great; perhaps not as "elegant" as the flanken style bone-in ones, but strangely enough, they were cheaper per pound without the bone. From some searches on the web, I think these are "english style cut" without the bone:

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            This really makes me mad. "Nobody wants them"....what have we become? A nation that thinks hot pockets are gourmet food and that cooking is heating something in a microwave?

            I also get steamed about the lack of bone-in chuck roasts these days. Can't find them anywhere, even at good butchers.

            1. re: oakjoan

              I totally agree about the lack of bone in chuck roast. I have been wanting to make pot roast now that it's gotten colder. What happened to 7 bone chuck roast, etc.? My only solution so far has been to buy the boneless and add some chuck bones, which makes it more expensive. Today, butchers aren't even trainined because there's no need, the meat comes in boneless primals and all they do is take a knife. Same with old fashioned bone in sirloin steaks, etc. I can't even find those at the "butcher" because they only get in boneless sub primals as well.

          2. There is---


            DGresh, I think you have to ask for the whole short rib for the bone in style. I think OldDog got a trim of "Short Ribs" because they were in pieces/boneless.

            For me to get them I need to call my butcher to find out what is getting cut for the day. If it is pork, for example I have to wait generally till the next day unless it is a custom (private individuals) processing day.

            Yummy if left whole, baked, then trimmed for stew. Baking it along with the bone really adds to the flavor.


            1. The Luchow's Cookbook has a great recipe for boiled beef ribs. Just brown them in a little fat, place in a pot with a bouquet garni, cover with water, bring to a boil, then simmer for 2 hours. Add carrots, turnips, and parsnips, and boil another hour. Salt and pepper to taste and serve the meat and vegetables with a strong horseradish sauce. Save the stock for soup.