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Jan 16, 2007 06:28 AM

Cheese shop with great selection on the peninsula?

The gourmet supermarkets don't seem to cut it and are completely overpriced, even compared to manhattan prices.
Any suggestions would help! Thanks!

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  1. You might try the Milk Pail on California Street in Mountain View. Wide variety of choices, very good prices

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    1. re: doc

      I'm not sure if 'cut it' means measure up or literally ... cut it. If the latter ... Milk Pail has a great selection of cheese ... some that I can't find in SF or Berkeley.

      The caveat is that it is precut and you really need to keep an eye on the expiration date.

      1. re: rworange

        I also love Milk Pail. You get some great deals with their specials (Parmigiano Reggiano for $7-8/lb., Roquefort for $7/lb.).

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      1. I know you don't want gourmet markets, but whole foods palo alto has the most knowledgeable and friendly cheese people, plus at any of the wf markets you can have them cut the cheese! Sigona's in redwood city has a fair selection, though, not extensive. I'll have to go to Milk Pail, sounds good...

        1. Try Woodside Deli on Woodside Road in Redwood City. Good selection, very knowledgeable folks. Avoid lunchtime, though, when the crowds are out the door. I assume you've also tried Draegers in San Mateo or Menlo Park.

          1. Milk Pail is great - on a recent visit I picked up a nice La Tur for either $7.99 or $8.99 - I've seen this at almost twice that price at Draeger's and the like...