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Jan 16, 2007 06:20 AM

Wine Country reception locales

Hello everyone,

I'm planning a wedding, and the ideal areas are in Napa or Sonoma. Has anyone gone to a reception at a resort, vineyard, restaurant, etc. that they would recommend for their noteworthy cuisine? I am looking at approximately 200 guests, if that makes a difference. Any excellent caterers in the area would also be helpful.


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  1. I got married at Byington in the Santa Cruz mountains. Looked at wineries in Napa and Sonoma but prices were astonomical compared to Byington. You'll find that most wineries will make you choose from their list of caterers.

    1. My sister was married at Trentadue Winery in Geyserville and it was beautiful. Nice because they have an outdoor space for the ceremony, a big side yard for photos and a large indoor area with a stage for the party. They can probably accommodate 200. I think they have an exclusive arrangement with Pacific Connections, which is one of the most regarded, upscale caters in the area. The food was excellent.

      People also like Elaine Bell for catered events. Both she and PC have websites.

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          budget has not been established, but i am not going to think about that yet until I can confirm my guest count as best as possible. i know it is very important to establish all my budgets, but I guess i wanted to see what's out there first so i can get over any 'sticker shock' and start pulling favors from where i can get them. thanks for asking...

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            I just got married in October. I started out looking in Napa and Sonoma but logistics became a problem for our friends and family because I had a lot of people coming in from the East coast. We got married at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square, which is a gorgeous hotel and was so easy and fun for our guests. I don't know if you have seen this yet but Here Comes the Guide is a good resource for locations: