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Jan 12, 2007 04:09 PM

Pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese puffs)

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I made some from scratch yesterday and it was pretty easy. They turned out ok. I just need to refine the recipe a bit, but the point is it doesn't take much to do them from scratch.

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  1. really? Can you tell me the recipe.

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    1. re: driggs

      Well, I can give you a recipe for pao de queijo. But it takes some practice to get them right. I actually prefer to buy the frozen ones.
      500 grams of polvilho doce (you can find it in any Brazilian store)
      4 eggs
      1 cup of oil
      1 1/2 cup of milk
      100 grams of cheese (in here I use parmesan, you can't find the cheese we use in Brazil)
      1 leveled tablespoon of salt

      Put the polvilho flour in a bowl. Boil the milk with with the oil and fold into the flour. Mix until all the dough gets moist.
      Wait until it cools. Add the eggs and the cheese. Mix the dough with your hands. Make little balls with the help of a spoon.
      Put the little rolls on a greased baking sheet in pre-heated oven (400). Bake for 30 minutes or until they are golden brown.

      1. re: Toot

        I go to brazil often. What cheeze should I get?

        1. re: driggs

          Queijo de Minas, but not the fresh one, it is the "curado" kind. You are not allowed to bring it to the US. Parmesan works fine.

          1. re: Toot

            When I made my Pao de Queijo the other day I didn't have time to go to the Brazilian store so I picked up some Tapioca flour at Key Food and it worked fine.