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Jan 16, 2007 05:02 AM

Best Breakfast in Sacramento?

I love a good breakfast, especially when it's cold outside, or after a hard early morning workout. I like Fox and Goose, but am looking for something else, but not a Denny's or anything too "commercial" (IHOP, etc).
My family and I go to a bar called Chargins (49th and J) for a great greasy spoon breakfast. It's cheap, and really good.
Does anyone else have a favorite breakfast spot in the Downtown to East Sac area? Any other spots worth the drive?

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  1. We went to the new Cafe Bernardo on 15th & R in the old Icon/Sammy Chu's building. Everyone loved the breakfast. I had the Malted Belgain Waffle with toasted pecan butter and maple syrup plus a side of near excellent bacon. Others had the Huevos Rancheros and Bernardo Burrito, but the Amaretto French Toast warrants another look. Another bonus, excellent Italian Roast coffee on tap. There is another CB on 28th & Capitol with the same menu.

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      I almost forgot about CB! I dig their french toast, but don't recall waffles. As the cold weather sticks with us, I'm all about huevos rancheros.

      Has anybody tried Three Sisters on Folsom Blvd (near Trader Joe's). The last time I ate there the eggs were OK, but way too spicy. I don't mind heat, but this was intolerable. The pancakes were really good. Almost a cornmeal pancake, sweet, but like corn not sugar.

      Another place is the old Sub Shack on Folsom. Big portions, good food.

      Thanks for jogging my memory Sacto_Damkier!

    2. I like the Fox and Goose too. The others I'd suggest would be The Uptown Cafe (I love their liver and onions) on Del Paso Blvd (just south of Arden on the west side of the street) and another little place I can't remember the name of on north 16th st just before it turns into a freeway. They have steak and eggs for about five bucks. It's on the east side of north 16th right after the discount carpet places. Sorry I can't be more specific. Good luck,


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        Thanks Roberto, I don't get out there often, but my parents live in the area. I'll see about trying both places.
        Isn't the second one you mention Sammy's or something like that? I remember being out on patrol with Sac PD and eating there. Good stuff.

        1. re: gsshark

          does anybody know if sub shavk still serves breakfast? and if so, what day? we've tried to go on sat or sun morning and they're always closed

      2. Does Nopalitos still do breakfast?

        Tower is just about my all-time favorite. I hate the wait but love the food.

        Have you tried the Limelight (I know, it's a cardroom, we call it "atmosphere"!) They do great eggs and potato and other stuff all scrambled up together. Yum!

        1. On Sundays La Trattoria Bohemia on J Street does a great breakfast in East Sac. 3649 J Street.