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Jan 16, 2007 05:00 AM

Masa in Minneapolis-good?

Wondering if people like it. I'm new to the Minneapolis area and it looks like the kind of place I want to try

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  1. Masa in Minneapolis - Pretty Good IMO.

    I have enjoyed the ribeye with ancho-chipotle butter (though the manner in which the grilled green onions are served tends to get them stuck in your teeth). the pork shoulder entree has also been very good. The ceviche is not the best I've had in MPLS, but it has been fresh.

    On the down side, the 2 fish dishes we've had have been let-downs. The striped bass enchiladas were bland and the tortilla too heavy to let out the flavor of a fish that delicate and the shrimp entree was overcooked.

    And say what you will about the D'Amico's, their restaurants have consistantly excellent service.

    My best positive however is the happy hour. Give it a shot!

    1. The margaritas are 1/2 priced during happy hour, and I remember them being very good. I also enjoyed the ribeye that Foureyes mentioned, but didn't fare as well with a chicken enchilda entree over lunch.

      1. Be careful who you go with - they don't have any vegetarian entrees so I had a slightly awkward meal, sharing appetizers but then having to have the same appetizer as my meal. I looked like that horrible picky eater at a business dinner.

        1. One of my fave restaurants en el mundo is La Frontera Grill in Chicago, so when I ate dinner @ MASA, I came in bearing too many expecations and was underwhelmed.

          Finally made it back for lunch (2x last week, actually) and really enjoyed it. Especially loved the Posole Verde. And they are the only place in Minnesota that carries Del Maguey Mezcals, which to me are worth the trip and the cost.