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Favorite After-Party Snack?

To me, there's nothing better than getting out of a club at two o'clock in the morning and going to the hot dog vendor waiting outside that slaps cream cheese and carmelized onions on a nice polish sausage in a toasty, chewy hot dog bun.

A good friend of mine always reaches for a top ramen and some thai chili peppers after a long night of partying...

What are your favorite post partying snacks/meals?

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  1. though many years ago, fried kielbasa and eggs with a slice of challah (with butter) at 4am at a place long gone in the East Village of NYC, the Kiev.

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      Is the Kiev gone now? I lived in the EV until about 10 years ago and we go back there periodically and while I noted with great dismay last years closing of The 2nd Ave. Deli, I hadn't noticed that Kiev was gone. We still go to Veselka though.

    2. Any thing carb heavy: pizza, a hot dog.

      But the best is Korean soon tofu.

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        Ditto the carb heavy...the first time I got well and truly wasted, I sat down on the floor of my friend's living room and ate an entire bag of hamburger buns.

      2. anything to help soak up the alcohol:

        depending on how early of a start I got, and what is still open:

        chinese food( fried rice, crab rangoons, Governors chicken), a big greasy breakfast at a greasy spoon diner, or last resort even taco bell.

        1. Pizza, both by the slice and pie. A night in Adams Morgan isn't complete without a giant slice of pizza.

          In college it was fried chicken (only place that delivered late night)

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            That's something I miss about living in D.C. The big slice of pizza. I haven't found anything like that here in L.A.

            My favorite after-party snacks are buffalo fingers with blue cheese dressing, french fries, onion rings, breakfast food, hot dogs, pizza, nachos.

          2. In college in Austin, it was always queso and a dozen tortillas from Taco Cabana. . . only good if you're drunk though.

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              will you share your gravy recipe?

            2. My friends and I always repair to one of our homes to make home made sausage gravy and biscuits. One of the gals is a primo biscuit maker, so we've all gotten to the point where we keep flour, baking powder, etc. at home so she always has ingredients on hand to make 'em. Somehow, I've gotten the gravy-making gene that tends to skip generations in my family, so, while one of the non-cooks frys up sausage, I get ready to make gravy. And yeah, if someone has heavy cream on hand while I'm making it, I use it. Something about heavy, fat-laden food that completely hits the spot after a long night of drinks and dancing!

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                B&G is one of my favorites as well.

                However for ahead plans---

                I have some little clear dixie cups (9 oz) with some already made sausage gravy in my freezer. Run some water over the outside of cup to pop out the gravy (into safe container) and nuke till about right. Stir within reason, but often, just do not play with the door, or damn it will not get done! OPTION pull before leaving.

                Biscuits, not the best in keeping, but can be individually wrapped and frozen ahead as well.

                Over bread that time of night / blessed am, would hit the spot if biscuits are not handy.


              2. Krystal cheeseburgers.I hate to admit but that's it.

                1. I LOVE cream cheese on my late night hot dogs but ever since I left Seattle I get made fun of by vendors and companions when I try to order them that way!

                  1. In college, many many moons ago, our favorite after party food was IHOP, and yes 2AM is about the right time. Into northern VA and our favorite waitress, an 80-year old, was nicknamed "dollface." She was wonderful and treated her "kids" with kid-gloves, making sure we had all the syrup and butter we wanted for whatever pancakes we ordered.

                    Fast-forward 30 years. Do not drink any longer and now I usually have a Thomas' Multigrain Lite English Muffin with Natural Skippy Chunky peanut butter on it. Now 12AM is probably closer to the time as my youngest has a midnight curfew and we are always home to welcome her home.

                    1. a greasy diner breakfast.. eggs bacon hasbrowns :)
                      or pizza.

                      as long as I don't have to use my oven (have left a frozen pizza cooking all night before - not good) i'll probably eat anything!

                      1. In Philadelphia. Definitely a cheesesteak with onions from one of the 24 hour places. Same concept as the OP's hot dog w/ cheese and onions..... Meat, grease, bread, cheese.

                        1. Breakfast food. It's been a long time but we'd always go to a diner at about 4:30 or 5am since bars close at 4 in NY and most diners are 24 hours. I'd usually get a western omelet with swiss that I'd put on a toasted bagel and hopefully good, greasy, onion-y home fries. One of my friends always got the Monte Christo. I guess it also comes down to meat, bread, cheese, grease.

                          1. It's been many years since I partied, but I remember craving breakfast food after a rip-roaring good time. Bacon, eggs, either grits with plenty of butter, or hashbrowns with plenty of catsup, toast, butter and jelly.

                            I found that if I ate this conglomeration of fats, grease, and carbs, I usually didn't have that queasy feeling the next day.

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                              Long time for me too but if breakfast was not available a plate of Sonoran style enchiladas with a fried egg on top was always wonderful. The only problem with that was in the 60's in NY state I had to go home and make them. No restaurants in northern NY had anything like them or had heard of them. It is still great comfort food.

                              If you are unfamiliar with these S. Az. enchiladas, most often they are meatless. They are also stacked, not rolled. You make your chili gravy and have it warm and ready. Have shredded cheese at hand, shredded lettuce, and chopped onions. Warm some oil in a skillet and fry a tortilla until just leathery. Dip in the warm chili gravy and place on a plate, top with onions, cheese and lettuce. Then repeat until you have a stack that pleases you. 3 is my limit. Then pop the plate in the oven to heat while you fry the egg. Plop the fried egg on top. Break the yolk and dig in. My 83 yr. old mom would crawl for these but she does not have to, they are her comfort food too. And she is quite capable of making her own.

                            2. My parents' house is right behind a 24-hour Montreal-style bagel shop. Needless to say, it was a required stop on the way home from the bars.

                              1. Definitely something fatty. Big fan of chili cheese fries and burgers. Pizza and calzones always hit the spot. When I lived in NY I used to stop by all those corner delis to get a ham, egg and cheese sandwich. Now that I'm in LA, I'll get that same combo from Jack in the Box (they do a pretty good job) along with an oreo shake, if I need something sweet. Also, Taco Bell tends to hit the spot and their open late.

                                1. A huge vege burrito from Taqueria El Farolito when I lived in SF..open 'till 4am and 4 blocks away from my old place!

                                  Now that I'm in NC - Waffle House Baby!

                                  Grilled cheese on wheat - add lettuce,tomato and onion and a double order of crisp hashbrowns scattered, smothered, covered and diced!

                                    1. As a teenager it was potato chips, as a student it was street (hot) dogs, early 20s pizza, late 20s greasy chinese food, early 30s pancakes, late 30s congee. Can't wait to see what early 40s bring!

                                      1. One of my good friends usually pre-orders Chinese leftovers, that is to say, he has Chinese food delivered at dinner time, sticks it in the fridge, goes out, and enjoys "leftovers" when he gets home. That is of course assuming he doesn't make us all stop at Denny's, Norm's, IHOP, or the like.

                                        1. A very very long time ago:
                                          Jack in the Box 2 for $1 tacos, bacon and cheddar potato wedges

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                                            I know they're greasy and not "real tacos" but I loved Jack in the Box Super tacos. Yum. Can't get them on the east coast anymore - no more Jacks here.

                                          2. When I was in college it was falafel. Nothing like some good 2 am falafel. Now probably a fried egg sandwich with bacon and mayo, or egg and cheese with ketchup, though it has been a while since I did that kind of partying and it will mostly likely be a long long while before I do it again.

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                                              I agree about the falafel. My friends always stopped at a shawarma shop after going out, but as a veg, I would get falafel instead. Just make sure you brush your teeth before collapsing into bed...

                                              1. re: piccola

                                                Lamb shawarma - no veggies, extra sauce. If that not available, I'm on board the fried egg train.

                                            2. Used to live across the street from a 24hr Dunkin Donuts. I can't tell you how good a sausage, egg and cheese on a croissant tastes at 4am.

                                              1. Taco Bell used to have a chili-cheese burrito...they were pretty small, but one was enough. They don't make them anymore...which, I guess, is GOOD for me.

                                                Now...mostly toast with lots of real butter toasted in.

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                                                1. re: jennyfur

                                                  The chili cheese is definitely still on the menu!

                                                2. Cool Ranch Doritos...hands down!

                                                  1. Denny's - two eggs sunny side up, hash browns, four sausage links, biscuit with extra butter. Mash the eggs, hash browns and cut up sausage together and eat, slather the biscuit with about a tablespoon of butter and eat, accompany all with a cup of black coffee, a glass of OJ, and a glass of milk.

                                                    But that's just me. :D

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                                                      Geez, Missy2U, Denny's seems to fill up after the bars close early Sunday morning here in Indiana.


                                                    2. Yeesh, I really wish there was an IHOP in NYC, I LOVE that place. I know, I know, we have real nyc diners, but there's something abotu getting a stack of three fresh uniform-looking pancakes WITH a huge log of an omelet (without breaking the bank).

                                                      That said, my after party craving is French Fries. Big, thick French Fries to be dipped in a whole bottle of ketchup. Don't really know if it's the fries I crave or the ketchup.

                                                      1. some of my old favorites
                                                        The old school D&D bacon egg cheese on a croissant
                                                        denny's grand slam extra hashbrown
                                                        gravy fries
                                                        maybe some cheese

                                                        1. as someone from the south, the staple of late-night post-drinking eats is Waffle House
                                                          nothing beats hashbrowns all the way (onions, cheese, ham, jalepenos, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chili on top of hashbrooms), country (or city) ham, waffles.....