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Jan 16, 2007 04:30 AM

La Pasadita and La Pasadita and La Pasadita

What distinguishes the three La Pasaditas on Ashland? We stopped for a couple of tacos tonite to fill a late-night void at the nothern La Pasadita on the west side of Ashland. The menu seemed to be VERY limited, but on the La Pasadita just south of us, a lot of other items were painted on the exterior.

Is there a significant menu and/or ambience difference between the three? Is the food different?

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  1. The La Pasadita on the east side just does tacos and burritos. Nothing more. I think it's open later as well. The one across the street has the full menu. The third is La Pasada not Pasadita. I think.

    1. Try El Asadero on Montrose just west of Lincoln & Leavitt. The best steak tacos and burrito's in town! Voted #1 steak tacos in Chicago Magazine about 5 years ago. The rest of the menu is only so must try the steak tacos. Much better than La Pasadita's. Pasadita's food tastes like it's been sitting all day in a stale refrigerator.

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        "Pasadita's food tastes like it's been sitting all day in a stale refrigerator."

        I am willing to wager that you've never ventured into the La Pasadita on the east side of Ashland. Tacos and burritos only, served mainly to vaqueros, and the turnover is very, very quick. In the opinion of many reputable posters, both here and at LTHForum, this is the only branch worth visiting, for some of the best carne asada, barbacoa, and tongue tacos in town.


        1. re: Erik M

          Yes, I've been to all three La Pasadita's but not to the one on the east side of Ashland for many years. I am willing to give it another go. The fact that this serves to lots of Vaqueros doesn't make it good. Tecalitlan on Chicago has lot's of Vaqueros as well but this place has seen better went down hill years ago. I won't be returning anytime soon to the La Pasadita's on the west side of Ashland.

          For some of the very best carne asada in the city, try Pancho Pistolas in Bridgeport. The clean and modernized exposed brick storefront and local crowd give this place great local flavor. Lot's of other great entrees as well. Nice place to take a date or large group. One major dissapointment are the lousy syrup-ey margaritas.

          Also, if you havn't tried the steak tacos at El Asadero on Montrose Avenue just west of Leavitt and Lincoln, you must. They're topnotch.

          1. re: amoncada

            I mentioned the vaqueros only because, for many, many non-hispanics, their presence is sufficient cause to *avoid* an establishment.

            At any rate, the vaqueros' presence at establishments such as Tecalitlan, El Barco, etc., would often seem to be about a number of things, not just the food. I often see the cowboy-types at those establishments with their families, or with celebratory parties, drinking, carousing, and enjoying music and good cheer. Face it, there's *nothing* going on at La Pasadita East besides the cheap, filling, and tasty food. And, the men come in solo, or in pairs, to eat their food and shove on.


          2. re: Erik M

            I'm still trying to wrap my head around just exactly what makes a refrigerator stale and how to make sure I get a fresh one when I'm next at the appliance store. :)

            I've never had anything at any of the LP's that I would have considered to be held too long. I'm not saying it's not possible, just that whenever I'm in there the turnover is always quite high. My timeframe is typically late-night so I don't know if more 'normal' times have different traffic flows.

            1. re: Erik M

              La Pasadita's reputation extends far.

              For reasons I won't go into, we've had to have a lot of work done at our house lately. This morning we had a cleaning crew of six women, all from Michoacan but currently living out in Elgin, a two hour drive (they said). We chatted about food, of course, especially Michoacan specialties like carnitas and corundas. When they left at lunch time I asked if they wanted directions to one of the carnitas places down on 18th. No -- but could I tell them how to get to La Pasadita??

              (Erik, I told them to be sure to go to the one on the east side. :-))

          3. There are 3 La Pasadita's: two on the west side of Ashland and one on the east side. The one on the north west side just serves steak tacos and burritos. The La Pasadita just south of that on the west side of Ashland has sit down service and serves a much larger menu. A must try is their smokey chipotle salsa.

            The La Pasadita on the east side is pretty much the same as the north west side one.

            The is a La Pasada a block south on the west side of Ashland as well. That is a totally different place.

            1. The two on the west side of Ashland are like the children of the one on the other side of the street, which one actually came first was detailed in a Sun Times article a few years ago..of the two "kids" the more northerly one actually has a salsa negra from charred jalapenos (which is fantastic) that the other doesn't make and one of the two of them makes a superior Chile Relleno that it's sibling doesn't have either..after having been away from Chicago for a while, I will say that the Las Pasaditas are NOT as great as they used to be. Mexican folks from all over the city used to go there back in the day, but I think due to gentrification, general increase in food knowledge/appreciation, and skyrocketing popularity of Mexican food, the ante has been upped and you can pretty much find a decent taqueria in every neighborhood, I stumbled upon a little taqueria on Clark across from the old Sportmart near Belmont, which was mind blowingly tasty and fresh at an odd hour..also out in Tinley Park on 159th, next to Barcode, I want to say called Jalisco #2, full restaurant with hard working waitresses, full tequila and beer menu, authentic menu, great salsas, good chips, great regional dishes...also Blue Oasis in Blue Island (get the torta ahugado).. skip BI's Mario's Tacos, definitely fallen off in the last few years, also on Blue Island AVE. in PILSEN, Casa de Puebla's taqueria/cafeteria on the other side of the store's parking lot is great, have a breakfast platillo w/ rayas con queso and the most tender and flavorful Barbacoa I've had in a long time..a Supermercado on 55th street and California(?) across the parking lot from Cafetazzo (who incidently do a bangin double espresso) do great carnitas especially the jowly buche..TMI?