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Jan 16, 2007 04:19 AM

Caterers in PDX

We're hosting a small dinner party at our home in a few weeks (casual Cajun theme). We'll be preparing the Gumbo and a few sides, but we're thinking about catering the appetizers, another seafood entree and the desert. There will be ten people. Anyone have any suggestions for a Caterer? Thanks!

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  1. I would contact one of the louisiana style restaurants and see if they can do something that you can pick up. Acadia, Lagniappe, or Roux might be able to help out. For a party that small I wouldn't waste the money on an onsite caterer, and I don't konw that you'd find one who would only do a couple things and not the whole dinner.

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    1. I wouldn't discount using an on-site caterer without checking with a couple first. I often use Simpatica Catering for appetizers, and they always surpass my expectations.

      1. Thanks for your help all. I checked with Simpatica, but they had too many events going on that weekend. I checked with several restaurants in town to see if they could/would help and settled on "Screen Door". We ended up purchasing Hush Puppies (with a Creole Mustard dipping sauce), Blackened Catfish, and desserts (Southern Pecan Pie, Apple Crostini(?) with an Caramel Pecan Sauce and Bread Pudding with a Whiskey Sauce). Food was really well done and enjoyed by all. The Chef/Owner (Nicole) was trained at Brennan's (famous Nawlins Restaurant) and not only did she and her staff do a great job with the food, but the Southern Hospitality from everyone was terrific too. We haven't eaten "in" the restaurant yet, but we will. Thanks again.

        1. Historically, Ken Gordon (Ken's Place on Hawthorne) did catering. If he still does, he might be a good bet.